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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yay its the second day of the new yr. I was trying to post yesterday but cant cuz i keep going out. Anyways, I just tell u all wat happened on Sunday. 7pm lyk tt, i went to my grandmother's hse, then since fman said we will b damn bored, he go bring the whole xbox there. Then when we got there, me, my bro n shashi immediately play halo 2. We played 8 matches. tt also happens to b the number of times i handed them their asses. Then later on i nt fun anymore, go watch the count down. Jade Seah is hot man. Nth anyone says can change tt. N also Junyang is ugly, JJ's hair was nice n someone should tell Gurmit tt no one cares who plays DotA. Then new yr time. So nows Monday morning. My aunty gave me a cup n told me it was those kinda fizzy apple juice stuff. Then i gulp down the whole cup. wth. turned out to be the real deal. Freakin bitter!!! Yay. Then came home bout 3 in the morning, so now u noe y cant post. Then same day but later in the morning, bout 10 i woke up n immediately go fix my zoid. Then i fix slowly but make it as pro as possible. So ended up finishing at 3. Aiyo. My whole family pang se me already, so i ownself go to my other grandma's hse. So when i got there, i go play GoW co op wif velan. We fight General RAMM. wth. Damn hard cuz i have to keep watching for him n he really dunno the meaning of SHOOT. Then lose for lyk 8 times, so no choice, must call surya in. We 1st time win.lol. Velan face damn pissed. Then after tt we went back home. I watching TV, after tt we go temple to pray. After tt we went tiong bahru plaza but then vry fast come back cuz must watch the chinese show. After tt, at 10, i go watch little Nicky. Yay. Nice but i think tt they're trying too hard to make it funny, like the scarey movies, so some parts cant really laugh. Then the show finish bout 12 already. I was reading a book then suddenly say yin call. then talk dunno wat till 3.30 lyk tt in the morning. Aiyo. Then finally put down tt time i almost immediately fell asleep cuz when i woke up, the phone was beside my head. So tts bout all the stuff tt happened over the past few days. Now look at this. A quiz from say yin's blog.

1) Are you wearing a necklace?
Ans: No.
2) Do you like someone right now?
Ans: Ya i guess so.
3) Who is/are the main person(s) you talk to at school?
Ans: Say yin n Sebastian la. Next to tt is Hao Qi, Zheng Jie, Philemon n Phelan.
4) Is your room clean?
Ans: Now so damn clean u wont even believe it man. Cuz fman helped me clean.
5) Wat color is your shirt?
Ans: Gd colour. Black.
6) How many bedrooms do you have in your house?
Ans: 3
7) What song are you listening to?
Ans: P!ATD's I write sins not tragedies.
8) What was the last mall you went to?
Ans: If tiong bahru plaza is considered 1 then thats it. If nt is suntec city.
9) Are you alone?
Ans: If u want a literal answer then yea.
10) Do you have any older siblings?
Ans: Nope.
11) What is the last thing you ate?
Ans: then mixed rice.
12) Who was the last person to come over to your house?
Ans: My grandpa.
13) Who was the last person to call you?
Ans: Say Yin. He's the one who talks wierd stuff. Act wugu ,1000% nt.
14) Who was the last person who texted you?
Ans: Say Yin bout new yr stuff.
15) What should you be doing?
Ans: I should b bathing.
16) Who is the last person you sent a message to?
Ans: Say yin, asking him to call me.
17) Did you go out to eat yestrday?
Ans: Ya to tiong bahru plaza
18) What are you thinking right now?
Ans: When will my 360 b replaced?
19) What color are your pants?
Ans: Dark Blue. Can call it navy blue i guess
20) What color is your keyboard?
Ans: Black n Silver
21) What do you feel like eating/drinking?
Ans: Aiyo this kinda questions always dont sound right... i dont want anything cuz i've just had my breakfast.
22) Are you in college?
Ans: No.
23) What is the last text you sent?
Ans: Can u call me for a while?
24) Are you bored?
Ans: Yea just waiting for school to start man.
25) Do you wear glasses?
Ans: No n i nvr will. If nt can't b a marksman anymore.
26) What color are your shoes?which pair?
Ans: Dark Blue n white
27) Who do you love?
Ans: My 360.
28) What are you doing right now?
Ans: Drinking milo n doing this quiz
29) Do you know how to spell bananas?
Ans: wth. its in the question man.
30) What were the last words you said?
Ans: I said ok.
31) Do you have clothes on?
Ans: Ya la. But theres a naked gal sitting on my bed. Actually i think tts just part of my imagination. Who noes...
32) Do you have boxers on?
Ans: Ya i do. Yay so fun.
33) Do you have a cut on your pointer finger?
Ans: No n i dont plan on getting 1.
34) Where is your cell phone?
Ans: On the cupboard wif the zoids.
35) Do you have any friends named Skyler?
Ans: No...but i have a friend named Alex aka fman
36) Do you have any friends named Axel?
Ans: then only axle i noe is tt nut in KH2
37) Are you afraid of the dark?
Ans: Nt at all man. I prefer the dark.
38) Did you used to watch POKEMON?
Ans: Ya. N i still do whenever there's time.
39) Does your computer have a mouse?
Ans: Ya la. But the scroll thing spoil already.
40) whats your ring tone?
Ans: Crashed the wedding by Busted.
41) First thing you did in the morning?
Ans: Went back to sleep again.
42) Do you have anything bothering you?
Ans: Ya NCC la. But this yr i must go already la
43) What's annoying you right now?
Ans: The crazy dogs outside my hse. Keep barking from last night till now.
44) What's the last movie you watched?
Then halo movie first draft.
45) Do you believe in long distance relationships?
Ans: The damn thing wont last i tell u.
46) Is there a person who is on your mind right now?
Ans: Ya. My superheated, amazingly woman shaped 360
47) Do you think that that person is thinking of you too?
Ans: Ya man all the time. Actually its just fman la. Thinking of how to train me next.
48) how long have you been on the computer?
Ans: 1hr++
49) how many people do you have on your msn contact list?
Ans: i think bout 30.
50) choose a few people to do this quiz.
Ans: Ya what say yin said.
So now i do the quiz already, but this is so not over. look at this:

My Top 10 things for 2006
10. The sacred talk.
I think u all noe wat i mean right? Cant write here la. But the ultima talk only began last yr. Damn cool. N now tt the talk might have the potential of becoming a game, we should talk bout it all the more.
9. Anime n Manga!!!
This also only began last yr. I satrted watching Gundam Seed D, n reading all sorts of manga. Then of course got my hime la. Yay. So nice. Now i must continue watching Zach Bell, it completly pwns anything else la.
8. 7-11
Hey dont look down on this 1. Our food supply after school la. Can sometimes blow $10 just buying stuff but i dont care i still lyk the place.
7. Getting an Electric Guitar
This one was my birthday gift from my parents. I still remember tt day i came home wif it then dunno how to play a shit cuz it so diff from a classical. Now i've improved quite a lot, ppl can recognise wat im playing. But now sadly, its brokin... must repair la.
6. Learning how to ride a bike
I'm sure u all noe how it feels lyk during the first time right? B4 tt, i was thinking i would nvr ever b able to ride a bike. Nows a different story. 10mins of learning n a lifetime's worth of cycling.
5. East Coast Stayover
Damn fun man. Although i was left wif phil n phelan, still fun. Of course if say yin n sebas were allowed to would be more fun la. We saw so many nice things la, the beardog, sandy, the pink lady n the bathing BD. Should do it more i really enjoyed myself n till today, its the only time which i was really in the holiday mood.
4. The reveal of Halo 3
Finally some concrete evidence bout halo 3. Then first trailer looked stupid, n bungie was nt gonna give out any details, but after a few months, EGM finally let me see H3. 17 pages will only keep me quite for 17 days!!! I need more. See halo is a drug. A good 1 la. Then they released the deadly night trailer, the one tt shows john n kelly when they were kids. tt was at least something.
3. Getting a x360
I would have shurnken up n withered to death from boredom if nt for this. My wife la. Im looking for a name for it i would rather choose it over many other things (just ask say yin). Who can resist its hot womanly shape? its 3 internal CPUs? The graphics? the sound? The whitness? The super hand fitting controller? Also nt to mention tt it overheats lyk crap.
2. Amazing progess on Amp
Wow who'd have thought of this? The Amp has progresses from imagination to real. Within a yr, we have come up wif 6 heroes/villians, a entire story line n countless cutscenes/senarios. tts Marvels rate mind u. they make bout 5-6 new characters per yr when they were in they their earlier days. Now of course they've piped downed la, but they r still going strong. Gd business partners. Now wat we need to do is get all ideas organised n compiled, n all characters drawn. Then wif a little luck, we may b able to get a copyright damn soon already.
1. Gears of War!!!!!
Yea man. Cant argue wif this one. As it keeps on crushing the competition, more ppl start playing it. As a matter of fact, XBL has increased by 80% due to this. In terms of sales,its second only to halo 2, n its dominating the XBL scene. What they should do is make a bigger multiplayer n campaign. Then Epic will be able to take down the feared beast called halo2.
Ya tts my top 10 for last yr. Now this:
Top 10 Things Happening in 2007
10. I'm becoming a NCC senior
Finally man. After april this yr, i think we will be incharge of the unit. Aiyo. tt means must go most trainings. Better tt way la. I must also try to be a good senior. Nt those kinda for ever angry ones i'll just be gd. Yea tts it.
9. New classmates
Anyone here nt excited to meet new classmates? New classmates r good.
8. The 7th Harry Potter Book
Who doesnt like harry? Rumours have it tt main characters will die, but no mention of who. We'll just have to read to find out i guess.
7. 12 more issues of EGM
Yay. EGM is truely THE no.1 gaming magazine. It more ahead of the rest, does more than the rest, has exclusive interviews, n their jokes r actually funny compared to the rest. Not to mention cheaper. So go buy it.
6. My birthday
U tell me: What kinda sad sick person doesnt look forward to his own birthday?. This yr maybe can treat 2 ppl (yea say yin n sebas) to an all u can eat buffet at shangrila hotel. See how la.
5. More gals to meet
Yea man this one completely pwns. More exposure to the outside world = more gals to meet. tts maths.
4. Getting Broadband
Yay this will be cool. Then my computer will become ultima n i will me able to stream n download stuff so much faster. lyk u noe wat kinda stuff.
3. More Amp talk
More school basically means we can discuss more. For all we noe we might even be able to finish the whole storyline by this yr. All NORMAL ppl. support the amp n u'll be able to set foot on Amp island.
2. Spiderman 3
No. 3 is out, n alot more promise to come. Heres the story. Peter meets eddie, his childhood friend n he gets introduced to the venom suit. My guess is tt he accidentally gets it on his spidey costume n manages to get it off. The suit comes back to him cuz it needs him to survive. Meanwhile, Uncle Ben's murder hides from the police in a nuclear facility n an accident mutates his cells n merges them wif the closest element available, namely sand from the near by beach. Thus he becomes sandman. He's supposed to become spidey's allie but i think he dies cuz of the venom suit. Then harry osborne, son of the Green Goblin is damn pissed wif peter n returns as the night surfer but ends up being owned n nearly killed. All this is what i think la must see the we will noe.
1. Halo 3!!!
While Gears is clearly controlling the TPS genre, te FPS king is still halo. This is supposed to be the last installation but there r rumours tt another halo may come out. Even if its the last, Bungie is planing to end it all wif a big bang. New weapons, vehicles, multiplayer modes n campaign. Aiyo i cant really wait man.
Ok thats damn nice i think this is my longest post so far. Tomorrow school start already so just enjoy today, the next time u can really slack is during the march holidays. But stll, it rocks to go to school la. So everyone whose from MSHS, see u tomorrow!!!

posted @ 1/02/2007 01:38:00 PM


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