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Thursday, November 30, 2006

lYay finally something nice to write bout today!!! Say Yin came to my hse then we played xbox for a while. Gears of War ROCKS. Then after tt we went Gamester n play DotA. Then we lyk nearly lose to AI so we go end game. lol. Then i fight say yin. First match i used Terrorblade say yin use Beast Master. Then he give me chance then i nearly kill him then in the end i go down my frozen throne!!! Yay tts the spirit! Second match i use weaver he use SA then i dont wanna play already so we go play CS. After tt we go eat mutton briyani then say yin say something bout lunch time fun wif BDs. After tt came home then i go buy 8 Days from the mama shop at tiong bahru plaza. Then its dunno wat swimsuit thing then the guy give me 1 funny look wth. Errrm then i nothing to say already. Sad. But im damn addicted to gears of war now. Kryll is lyk BD la. N UV owns. hahaha.

posted @ 11/30/2006 09:52:00 PM

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yay!!!! So....today nvr really do a shyt. But then again, isnt it cool to just sit there? Not really? Well too bad, cuz if was sitting there wif a 360 controller magically stuck to my hands. Hahaha. Seems like tts all im doing this entire holiday. But then again, it is a 360. The next gen king!!!! I tell u. People need water, food, oxygen and gaming to survive. damn cool. Ok... i actually went to ride my bike for lyk 2hrs at my grandma's hse. So boring man just went in circles. East Coast to Changi then ownage la. Should do it more often. Then after tt came home n do hse wrk for 2hrs n earned $27 for my hard work!!! Ownage the fman way. Then at night i went to tiong bahru plaza n eat. Then i went comics connection then there was this deal. 2 EA titles for $118!! Wth i nearly buy but got no nice games then i was left wif battlefield 2 n superman returns. N superman returns is cool ok? Seriously. Although its from DC, the game is just damn nice. Huge city, epic boss battles? But then both 1 player. Then nvr buy. Rather wait for christmas n then get all the better games as presents. tts the good thing bout having a multi racial n religeous family!!! Both my grandma's r Chinese, so CNY=$$$. 1 of my aunts is malay, so her whole family gets added to my family tree. N one of her family members happens to have millions, so hari raya=$$$!!. Then of cuz majority of my famaly is somewat indian, so deepavali=$$$. Then another 1 of my aunts is Eurasian, so her family gets added too. tt means christmas yea!!! IMBANESS!!! N i decided tt i shall take back wat i said bout GoW its just freaking fun to fight others tts imba!! Ok tts bout all sorry i have nothing else to really write bout except the 360 n $$$ we'll just have to see wat next week holds 4 me. N amanda sry i didnt wish earlier so happy birthday!!

posted @ 11/26/2006 10:04:00 PM

Saturday, November 25, 2006

01. Full name: S.Shiva
02. Name backwards: avihS.S
03. Meaning of the name: Well i'm supposed to be a god of destruction u tell me wat it means!
04. Nicknames: Wth... Sheeve!! lol
05. Screenname: 117
06. Date Of Birth: 15/04/92
07. Place of birth: Singapore
08. Nationality: Singaporean
09. Current location: On halo!!!! No im in S'pore, somewhere in tiong bahru
10. Star sign: Aries
11. Religion: Hindu!!!
12. Height: 186cm Imbaness!! I'm nt tall u all r short =P
13. Weight: Aiya 69kg la height comes wif weight. Its a two way thing u noe
14. Shoe size: US 12, UK 13, Can 300
15. Hair colour: Black!!!
16. Eye colour: Black la... but ppl say its a bit pink. errm ok
17. Who do you think you look like?: I dunno... a human la.
18. Innie or outie?: Outdoors all the way!!!!
19. Lefty or righty: Right
20. Gay, straight, bi or others: I'm 100% guy.
21. Best friends: ppl who have entered my hse!! =)
22. Best friends you trust most: This one... i really dunno la
23. Favourite pals: Gamers!!!
24. Best friends of opposite sex: Heck she's GONE
25. Best buddies: Isnt this lyk Q21?
26. Boyfriend or girlfriend: Wat? I dinno girlfren?
27. Crush: Nt at the moment so yea.
28. Parents: Both still alive, one cant exactly die...
29. Worst enemies: My senior!! Nvr saw who
30. Favourite online guy: DSS!!! Imba
31. Craziest friend: tt 1 is Say Yin. 100%. Gonna get killed for rsm one day u noe 32. Advice friend: My parents. N the next person is probably sebastian
33. Loudest friend: Loud? Say Yin again i guess
34. Person you cry with: Make me cry also i will nt cry wif anyone. Most lykly i wont cry, i just lock myself i my room for a few hours.
35. Any sisters?: 1
36. Any brothers?: 1
37. Any pets?: Used to have 2 dogs n hamsters now only have the farnell imported fishes
38. Any diseases?: No i dont have any i think
39. Pager?: Nvr touched 1 b4
40. Personal phone line: I dont think so, unless u say hp line is a personal line then yea
41. Phone: Nokia 6230 n im happy wif it!!!
42. Lava lamp: No
43. Pool or hot tub: Depends on the occasion
44. A car?: My father sure pass down the warthog its a family thing.
45. Your personality: Happy!!! I talk crap, n get pissed somethimes
46. Driving: Next time la
47. Room: Nice n cosy to me
48. What's missing: A 42' LCD screen n my xbox was supposed to be brought in
49. School: MSHS which freaking owns
50. Bed: Wet i guess. Just wash la. Sick
51. Relationship with parents: Im a damn good son okay? I do hse work, take care of my sibs, buy food. All for a SMALL price of cuz
52. Believe in yourself: Ya i guess so
53. Believe in love at first sight: No nt after tt
54. Good listener: Ya u can talk to me bout anything n i may nt reply but i'll sure be listening
55. Get along well with parents: Ya nicely
56. Save email conversations?: No. Nt easy to blackmail me ok?
57. Pray: Nt really i'm nt tt religeous la
58. Believe in reincarnation: Only skeleking n the imbaness can la
59. Make fun of people: O O O i make fun of imba ppl so bad i think i'm gonna be sent to hell next time for tt
60. Like to talk on the phone: Ya damn nice to talk imba business till midnight
61. Want to get married: One day
62. Like to drive: Ya in a cool car. Now im stuck wif the freaking warthog...sad
63. Motion sickness: No im immune to tt kinda stuff.
64. Eat stem of broccoli: Ouch man...just...ouch i dont even noe wat tt'll look like. Let alone how it'll taste lyk
65. Eat chicken with fork: Eat wif the hand la who cares
67. Type with your fingers on home row: No
68. Sleep with stuffed animals:I only have zoids n gundam
70. On the walls of your room: Posters. Lots of em
71. On your mousepad: A Mouse?!! Hello?
72. Dream car: I dunno i think i'll settle for a mazda. Today i saw a damn cool 1
73. Dream date?: With HER. The ONE
74. Dream honeymoon spot: Around the world!!!! N end it of on a nice beach or something lyk tt
75. Dream husband/wife: I dunno cant saw la hehe
76. Bedtime: Midnight++
77. Under your bed: Another bed. the pull out kind
78. Single most important question: Huh i dont get this too
79. Bad time of the day: Various. Depends wats on tt day
80. Your worst fear: Cockroach!!!!
81. The weather is: Rainy!!!
82. Time: 10.31pm
83. Date: 25 November 2006
84. Best trick done on someone: Throw the freaking fish on phelan. Its nt a trick but i was funny!!
85. Theme song: Shut Up!!!! Play to my seniors!!!
86. Hardest thing about growing up: Controlling myself?
87. Funniest experience: Everytime we talk bout the imbaness is a funny experience.
88. Scariest experience: tt time we at east coast at nite then we go to the sea wall then all the freaking sea cockroaches swarming all over the damn thing! Wth? I dont care if its gay man but cockroaches seriously freak me out.
89. Silliest thing I've ever said: F*** when talking to my mother? My father is nvm but my mother dont like
90. Most desperate and funniest thing you've ever done with an opposite sex: Touch la. Dont think so much nt the naughty parts
91. Scariest thing when you're with your friends?: Im always scared tt a angry mob of imbaness will murder us if they hear our nice comments bout them. Actually tt time i got flashed in malaysia tt was scarey other than tt nothing much. O playing Gears of War is also scarey.
92. Worst feeling: I tell u. Being punched right down there. Girls trust me u dont wanna feel it.
93. Best feeling in the world: Let me see... so many!!! Being Alive!!!! All feelings good n bad come wif tt. But more importantly, its being wif others You'll nvr feel lonely. U'll share the good times n no matter how screwed up the bad times r, u'll nvr be alone. TTs something.

OK!!! Give urself a pat on the back. If u have actually read through the entire quiz, ur amazing. Yay. Okk today i nvr really do much. In the morning i went swimming. So slack today unlike last week but anyway, still good. I love swimming classes they rock. Then after tt i came back home n played MUA for lyk 3hrs. U noe wat? Forget gears of war, forget PG3, forget any x360 game tt came out this year. To me, MUA is the BEST!!! U go buy 4 controllers, the game, the 360, n get some frens over, then see if u'll wanna stop playing. Its nt tt the others r bad, GoW is freaking intense, but the real fun is in MUA!!! Yay tts cool. Then after tt i went out wif my grandpa. I like going out wif my grandpa so i was more than happy. Then we go beach road n bought some indian muslim food, after tt we stopped buy at lau pa sat n bought satay. Yay the feast. Then i go buy 8 days. Fiona Xie is hot la u all dont say bad things bout her she just rocks. N felicia chin too yay!!! Then everyone go my grandma's hse n eat then we play till 9. Then i came back home, ask farnell if can watch death note. He say late already tomorrow then watch. ok no argueing wif the Fman. So i go on MSN n talk to say yin. He said he was gonna do the quiz so i did it too n now im writting here. But can u all help me do something? Get more ppl to gome to this burial mound!!! Ok tts all for today see u tomorrow n be happy

posted @ 11/25/2006 10:05:00 PM

Friday, November 24, 2006

Okok. Time to give my gooood story a break. Yay. I got 5th in spore for shooting com!! Imbaness. So i woke up n went to kathib MRT then to Nee Soon Camp. I knew tt we would waste time there but wat the heck. I was there for the prize. After tt, i went 2 play lan for a while. Then i went to tiong bahru plaza to meet my family cuz my parents both off. Then they eat finish my mother brought my sis to Popular, then Fman bring me n surya to Comics Connection. So we always go there sure buy something 1 so we go see the games there. I told him tt i was saving for GoW. He thought i wanted to buy MUA. So in the end, i said i wanted GoW first. Then he imba. He asked me to take Both. Double Kill!!! Then he go use the Credit Card to pay. The shop keeper so scared he gave Fman discount. After tt i went home n booted up my baby. Then i put i GoW. Then i went straight to campaign mode. Played for a while, then quit. Wth smartest AIs i have ever seen. They dodge bullets like crap n r able to work together to trap u. N they shoot. They shoot like hell. Even Fman scared. So i got play deathmatch wif surya. The games nt bad. Amazing graphics, great weapons n the blood! the gore! Definitely nt for the faint hearted. Check these out:

Notice the second 1. Its a chainsaw gun kill. Think tts bloody? U sholud see wat u can do wif a shotgun or grenade. hahaha im so evil... Then after tt we go play MUA. Freaking Imba!!!!! Arrrrhgggg i cannot take it its tt fun. 4 ppl can play so tt rocks. 140 characters tt rocks too. The the boss battles r damn epic i cant take it everyone must just play. So far this i the best game for my 360. GoW can give u real nice gameplay but the fun really lies within this underated game. Next time we all play go kick ad guys ass. N btw im writing for yesterday n the HER is i dunno yet tts y im waiting.

posted @ 11/24/2006 09:58:00 PM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part 6
You know what is going to happen next but you do not want to let your family die, not again. You see something lying near a dumpster and run closer. It’s some kind of gun. Maybe it can kill the Hunter. You try to pick it up but it’s too heavy for your frail child arms. You try and try until your muscles become numb but nothing happens. The weapon stays glued to the spot Even though you are exhausted, you do not give up. You see the Hunter take up firing position. NO! Then, the Hunter fires at your family and you witness the same nightmare twice. At that point, you lose it. You pounce onto the Hunter’s back and pound it as hard as you can with your fists. Although you are clinging onto its neck, it easily flings you onto the wall and then disappears as suddenly as it had appeared. You curl yourself into a ball and lie there on the concrete, crying. You hate yourself for not being able to rescue your family. You had a second chance and yet you failed. You hate yourself for being so useless…so helpless…and so weak…

Yay im so damn bloody back from malaysia. Nice trip lor damn relaxing. The resort was a big rip off though. It sucked. As fman said it, it was day light robbery. lol. Ok. this trip was cool cuz i learned a lotta things.
1. Pork is illegal. I seriously didnt noe tt.
2. Com games r freaking cheap!!!
3. Cheap yet genuine x360 goods
4. Whole lotta pirated video shops. They all appear closed and even if its opened, there wont be any Vids on sale. But behind the many posters on the walls is a secret door, which leads to VCD heaven. Nt good to do tt huh.
5. It is really disturbing to be flashed at. Really. Im nt joking. Just now on the way home we stoped at Machap for a toilet break. No one really needed to go so i went by myself. Then got this man already inside the like after piss then walk up to me and ask me something. i just ignored him n then i noticed his fly was opened n his goods were hanging out. I nvr even bother washing my hands i just ran man. Damn freaky.
Now i nothing to do just slacking tomorrow i gotta go collect my prize for the shooting com.

posted @ 11/22/2006 04:31:00 PM

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Part 5
You remember the day too well. You had a heated argument with your father. He was a war veteran so he always came down very hard on you. Deep down inside, you knew he cared for you but he just didn’t show it. You ran away from the house and did not want to go back. So you hid in this alley and before long, you saw a shadow pass by. You looked up in the sky and saw a warship pass overhead. You realized that you had seen such pictures before in old newspaper cuttings from the previous war. It was a Covenant warship. You saw different types of aliens drop from the ship onto the streets, firing lasers that burned everything that moved. You felt a whole new kind of fear. You had never gone through the terrors of war before. Fearing for your family’s safety, you ran home. There were Covenant all over the street but you used the maze of alleys to avoid them. When you reached the street opposite your house, you saw a two humongous bulks moving deliberately slowly outside your house. They each held a huge metallic shield on they left hand and a huge gun on their right. You also noticed that one of them had three spines on its back, instead of the usual four. In place of the fourth one was a stump of orange flesh. You knew what they were. Your brother had told you terrifying tales about the beasts before. The monsters fit his descriptions perfectly. You felt your chest tighten. Through a window, you saw your family. They could have moved into the basement where it was much safer but they didn’t. Then you realized how worried you must have made them. Guilt gripped your heart. Your father was holding his standard issue pistol and as you watched, your father burst out of the door, wilding firing at the monsters. He was going to look for you! NO! NONONO!! It was suicide but he did not care. They did not flinch. The rounds seemed to be harmlessly pinging off the tank like hide of the beasts. They pointed both their guns at my father. There was an intense wave of heat and you were blinded by a flash of green light. When all the smoke had cleared, you saw that everything that you had was gone, now a smoldering mass. Your house had been blown apart by the monsters when they fired at your father. You knew that your mother and brother were gone too. You felt like screaming but dared not. All you could do was cry silently.
To be Continued
Yay. Damn soon i'll be outta here. I going to malaysia. At least a few days of relaxation n i deserve it. Okok. I today nvr really do much, i went to buy gears of war ( thanks to my grandpa for the fifty bucks) but tiong bahru plaza comics connection sucks no have already. Sad. Must wait another day. I feel damn wierd. Before i got the 360 i felt damn cannot take it must buy... but now i feel...nothing.hahaha. I guess its cuz i've only got DOA 4. I'm not saying it sucks they can very well start a porn ring bout the game if they want n get twice as rich. But they r good ppl so they wont do tt. tts y i play it. tt didnt even make sense...lol. I play it for the assets to say the very least( read between the lines) . Its nice to play not fun to play. then after tt i come home n just slack wif my bro at home. My parents n sister were out. We lyk nothing to do so just play halo 1. yayay imbaness. Then i go various blogspots n tag as ppl whose names r already there n i just sat back n relaxed n watched the resulting chaos. Tt was cool. Then after tt go my grandparents hse n eat Chi Bri. =0 imba ok. then come home n now im writing for a blog tt so little ppl read. tts cool too. When i'm back in tuition i shall gather all gals n get their blogs. Then go maths tuition n get the other gals blogs. Who cares bout the guys they all suck. Ok tt'll be pretty much all. o yea, im still waiting for HER. Not the 360 the HER.

posted @ 11/18/2006 08:54:00 PM

Friday, November 17, 2006

Part 4
Your heart is pounding. You run into an alley, narrowly avoiding a street merchant. Your pursuers knock the elderly man down and continue running, completely ignoring the man’s angered shouts. Your lungs feel like they are about to burst but you dare not stop. You look back and see the three older boys catching up quickly. You increase your speed. Tears of fear stream down your face but you wipe them off, telling yourself that crying will not help. You have to be strong. So you keep on running. Soon, you see a blinding light at the end of the alley. There are three figures standing in the light and when you look carefully, you realize that they are your parents and elder brother. But they are supposed to be dead aren’t they? It doesn’t matter to you. The fact that there they are, alive, fills you with warmth. You use the last ounce of strength you have in your legs but the more you run towards them, the further away they seem. Then you finally understand. You have to face your fears. Running was no use. That’s what your father always tells you. You turn around and see them walking up to you. They were much older than you; they were 17. You were only 6. But they loved pounding on you whenever they saw you because your brother had beat them up once after you can home so badly injured that you were bedridden for a week. That’s why you look up to your brother. You want to be as strong as him. You also try your best to make your father proud of you but he never shows it. And you will never forget the love your mother gave you. The thought of your family gives you a new strength. You let out a cry and charge towards the bullies. Suddenly, you stop in your tracks. The three boys melt into swirling shadows and merge together to form an incredibly big bulk. You realize that they have taken the form of a Covenant Hunter. Then you feel your heart stop beating. The Hunter had 3 spines instead of 4. The same one that had murdered your entire family at the beginning of the third war.
To be Continued
Haha. Today i didnt do much. Just went to Vivo City for lunch. Then we walked a bit. I so damn bloody thought tt farnell will buy gears of war for us. After all its his kind of game. In the end he say must use my own cash n go buy. Damn it. Must save $$$. Two days should do. Ok since u asked i'll do the quiz.
1. Single, taken or crushing?
Ans: Single n waiting
2. Are you happy wif your life now?
Ans: i guess so. Just a little sad sometimes
3. When you meet the right person, will you fall for him/her fast?
Ans: So far i havent so i dunno
4. Have you had your heart broken?
Ans: No. I break hearts not vice versa. lol
5. Do you believe there are circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?
Ans: well...NO. Unless its for cash then i dont mind
6. Would you talk to someone back if he/she cheats on you?
Ans: No. Why do u think i m calling her K/bitch
7. Have you talked to another person about marriage before?
Ans: Yess the BD ask me i nvr talk i ran
8. Do you want children?
Ans: tt'll be good. But not too soon after marriage.
9. How many?
Ans: millions!!! no just kiddin my wife would die. This kinda things r not meant to b said
10. Would you consider adoption?
Ans : No i will work hard for children. Adoption is cheat.
11. If someone likes you right now, what do you think is the best way to let you his/her feelings?Ans: OMG if someone likes me they can just say it. I m damn kind 1 n even if i dont like her, i'll still tell her in such a way so tt she doesnt get too sad.
12. Do you enjoy getting into relationships?
Ans: If its wif the correct person
13. Be honest What did you n your ex did?
Ans: Nothing i guess. maybe i just held her hand but tts it. Not like Say yin, do so much to the gal.
14. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Ans: Ya it is damn true but u must get to noe her better or she'll just rip u off. trust me i noe.
15. Are you romantic?
Ans: Depends where i am. Outside im a bit shy cuz of all the ppl but in private...
16. Do you believe you can change someone?
Ans: I dunno. i can make a gal play halo n enjoy it but tts all
17. If you could marry somewhere, where would it be?
Ans: Halo no just kiddin i think id be along the beach not a singapore beach tt 1 sucks a florida kind of beach.
18. Do you easily give in when you're fighting?
Ans: ya i dont believe tt violence will solve everytihng i'd rather give in
19. Do you have feelings for someone right now?
Ans: No i dont sadly.
Ok there dont disturb me anymore. N since im so kind, i will not ask 5 ppl to do it. Beat tt.
20. Have you ever wish you could have someone but you messed it up?
Ans: Not yet,no
21. Have you broken a heart?
Ans: I dunno maybe. Sorry bout tt
22. One day if your best friend fall in love with he/she that you are deeply in love with. What would you do?
Ans: I dunno. See whose more impt. If i will be able to do it wifout losing both tt'll be all the better
23. Are you missing someone now?
Ans: NO.

posted @ 11/17/2006 05:21:00 PM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Part 3
Suddenly, one of the Elites looks up and sniffs the air. He says something in alien tongue to his brothers and they all turn to face you. You know they can’t see you because you are hidden behind a boulder, but you also know that they sure as hell have your scent. You quickly scan the area and see a small cave in the rocky walls 6 feet to your south. The Elite will not be able to get in. You may. With all the strength you can muster, you use your arms to propel yourself into the small space. It is very cramped but you still push yourself deeper into the hole. You hold your breath as hoofed feet stop outside the cave. A hand snakes in and grabs onto your right ankle. You grab onto a piece of rock as the Elite tries to pull you out. You are able to slow it down for a minute before its vast strength over powers you. He pulls you and the rock you were holding on to out of the cave and flings you onto the ground at its feet. It looks down at you and says something in its language. A few moments later, the armour translates what it had said. “Human, why aren’t you fighting back?” it asks in its gravel-like voice. “Isn’t it customary for the weaker species to fight back before extinction?” it taunts you. “Die, pathetic fool,” it says as it activates its energy sword. You draw back your hand and fling the rock at its head. With the help of the MJOLNIR’s strength, the rock becomes a deadly bullet. I hits the Elite squarely in the forehead and the warrior crumples onto the ground. It is not breathing. The other Elite’s are a little stunned by the death of their leader, but it only lasts a few seconds. That is all you need. You sweep up the fallen Elite’s energy sword with your working leg and grab it with your hand. You activate the sword and fling it the way people throw frisbees. It flies in the air, spinning, and two of the remaining Elites drop to the ground, heads cleanly separated from their bodies. Almost immediately, one of the Elites draws both its plasma rifles and points them at your head while the other picks up the energy sword. You know that you are going to die but you tell yourself that at least you tried, so you will not die for nothing. Suddenly, you hear the deafening rattle of human weapons and the two Elites fall to the ground, bodies riddled by bullet holes. Although your visor is stained by alien blood, you can vaguely see three of your fellow Spartans jogging up to your position. Knowing that you are in safe hands, you allow yourself to slip into unconsciousness.
To be Continued
Okok part 3 is here yay!!! Read it if u want, ignore it if u don't. Ok... today is damn blessed. I went Vivo city!!! You should have been to the place if u haven't its a big nice place wif lots o' shops n people. What did u expect? Its a mall. Then i saw her. At Best. N i refused to leave wifout her. So i took her home wif me. I was scared tt i would have hurt her, so i handled her very gently. So once i got home, I took off her clothes n started playing wif her. N i was shocked at how sensitive she was. Once small movement resulted in such big reaction. I instantly knew that she would be the ONE. Wait u perves... ur completely misunderstanding me. Do u noe who she is? See if u can guess. That by the way, is damn cool. Okok her refers to a x360.

posted @ 11/15/2006 08:38:00 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Part 2
After the Brute is gone, you send a distress signal and wait for help to arrive. You are about to close your eyes and catch a few breaths when 5 red blips appear on your motion sensor. You look up and see five black armoured Elite warriors, not more than 50 feet off your position. Special-ops. As you watch, the Elites walk from body to body, looking for any survivors. Your armour tells you that there is a marine still breathing amongst the bodies, but you can do nothing to help him. Maybe, just maybe, the Elites will not spot him, maybe…he will make it… no. It isn’t possible. You know that he will not survive, but you are not accepting the fact. You clench you jaw as the Elites make their way to the marine. You feel like turning away but you eyes are glued to the marine. The biggest one of the bastards steps forward and an energy sword flashes to life in its fist. It grabs the marine by his neck an lifts the marine clean off the ground, so they see eye to eye. The marine struggles but to no avail. Finally, he stops struggling and looks into the Elites merciless eyes. Then, he spits onto the Elites face. You are amazed by the marine’s braveness even in the face of death. The Elite snarls and skewers the marine with the weapon. At that moment you feel completely useless. You are trained to handle the toughest situations but you can’t even safe a life. The marine’s scream dies off, but you know you’ll have nightmares about what you have just witnessed.
To be Continued
Hahaha. There. This is damn good. I dont even noe wat the story's about but i just keep writing. I guess its gonna be bout the 7th batch of Spartan super soldiers...i dunno. Read it if u want. if u dont lyk it then nvm just ignore it. Ok.... I found out that MSHS shooting got 4th. Tt means tt must go finals...sad. tt means i'll have to leave M'sia 1 day earlier...damn it. nvm. I like shooting. It runs in the family. O yea...i can't add other ppl's blogs to my links cuz i haven't met anyone yet. N the only girl i have talked to since the start of the holidays excluding anyone from my family is the girl/boy from NCC on the shooting competition day. So... help me get more ppl to come here!!! O n yes. Its nt tt i dont wanna buy the 360, its just tt i need to go harvey norman then can cuz there got $20 discount. pfft. Fman rox. The package is damn good: The x360 pro pack($660), DOA4($69.90) n 2 wireless controllers($79.90 each). All for $699! Wow! Used to be $850 now's christmas tts y. So u all should go buy. Lol. Cuz it also comes wif a kasumi figure. U can touch it so tts cool go get it. ok tts bout all.

posted @ 11/14/2006 08:42:00 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

Part 1
It looks like a pine-scented paradise from the air, your typical Shangri-La of cedar trees, waterfalls and emerald meadows. But half a ton of Spartan will only stay airborne for so long, and as gravity yanks you earthward, you see what looks like scurrying iridescent insects resolve into fellow Spartans and alien scum exchanging volleys of energy beams and good ol'-fashioned lead. Touchdown. You hit the grass shooting, your assault rifle spraying at a charging Brute who double-fists two alien guns that hurl molten spikes. You side step in order to dodge but the Brute drops both weapons on roars in feral rage. The sound echoes through your head and shakes you up a little, but you steady your nerves as the beast charges towards you. You engage with it, but it moves incredibly quick for something that big. You feel its cinderblock fist slam onto your chest plate, throwing you back 10 feet. You hit a boulder and slump onto the ground. A normal person would have fainted or even died by then, but they dont call you Spartans for nothing. You cling on to consciousness and look at your status. Your shield is completely drained and you have some broken bones. You try to get up but the impact has jammed the MJOLNIR's left leg joint. In order words, you are paralysed. You look up at you opponent. The Brute has retrieved its weapons and is taking aim. At that moment, you notice something. You can't help but smile. You silently thank the Spartan who just saved your life. A pencil thin laser falls onto the Brute's shoulder. It snarls at you and you see its thick finger move closer to the trigger. Too late, bastard. The Spartan laser hitsthe Brute and it melts into thin air. As its body burns, you hear its blood curdling roar for one last time before it dies.
To be Continued

This is Halo 3, boys n girls.

Okok enough of the drama. Halo 3 has been officially shown to the world. I have so many pics to show i'll put then here some other time. I can't excatly tell u everything but i can tell you that so far, there are tree maps, valhalla, high grounds and snowbound. The max no. of players still remains at 16 n u can still only hold 2 weapons ( i noe i said 3 sorry bout tt) Now there are many more ways to kill, i'll say more later on but it just has to do wif using everything in the environment. The controls have changed quite a bit. The left bumper is for: 1) switching grenades, 2) picking up ur left weapon n 3) reloading ur left weapon. The left trigger can either lob grenades or fire ur left weapon. The right trigger only shoots ur right weapon n the right bumper picks up n reloads ur right weapon. The A button is for jumping n the B button is for melee. The reat r unknown at the moment. Here are some of the weapons announced for H3: Spartan Laser, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG!!!, E-sword, Needler( no more dual wield), pistol, brute spiker n spike grenades. I guess u'll get to use all the normal weapons as well. Those were the weapons that were either new or inproved. As for vehicles, only new one for now is the mongoose ATV. There will be more game types n everything will b fully customizable. O yea, u can only hold 2 of each grenades now. lol. ok i'll say more next time.

posted @ 11/13/2006 08:00:00 PM

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hahahaha hi there. Havent written anything for days. U noe y??? Cuz my life is so damn boring. I nvr do anything except sit there in front of either my com or tv, wasting my life away. Until yeaterday!!! Yea man finally something. I went for shooting com 2006. I got 18/20. confirmed marksman. hahahahahahahaha. The place was so damn crowded cuz it was the first time they were holding the competition for both sec 1s n 2s on the same day. So...my shooting only starts at 12.30pm. i was there at 8.30am. So no choice, must sit there n see girls. Y y the hell must all NCC gals be so lyk guys. pfffft. Well at least got a few decent looking 1s. lol. Then after tt i went to vivo city wif the ncc guys. Nice place. We were supposed to go watch a movie but the earliest was at 8++ till 10++ wth i immediately went home. i think they went to watch still. crazy guys. Then today i nothing to do so go play xbox. But all i play until i dont wanna play anymore so i decided to play the game tt i play the least, sudeki. WTH damn fun man. i so fell lyk playing again. Especially since i get to play princess allish, my virtual hottie. The only girl i can really stare at wifout getting slapped. Somemore her armour so tight...pftt nvm. Haha tomorrow is my happy day cuz ppl coming to my hse. i write more tomorrow. Dont cry. Peace out the 'N' way

posted @ 11/10/2006 08:46:00 PM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Haha. I nvr write yeaterday. cuz nothing to write. But today is good. Cuz i went to velan n sakti's hse to play marvel ulti alliance on their PS2. I'm so damn gonna buy tt game. When i get my x360. whenever tt is. Cuz the PS2's graphics big time sucks. Anyway...the game is quite fun. U start wif capt. America, Thor, Spiderman n Wolverine. 4 ppl can play so tts gd. So far i've only completed the first level. Next time u all try then u noe how it is. Speaking bout buyin MUA, i realised tt its been bout 5-6 mths since i last bought a xbox game. When i buy my x360 (soon be patient), i shall buy DOA 4, PGR3, Gears of Wars n some more, since i have nothing to do wif the money tt i was saving for the PS3 now tt x360s bought after Nov 15 onwards r gonna have graphics tt r gonna b superior to Sony's "key to success". Haha to tt. A x360 is all the i need to rule the world.

posted @ 11/07/2006 08:52:00 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yay! Y i nvr write yesterday? Cuz i was staying overnight at east coast. Yea. haha. Vry fun man i dont mind doing it again. lol. At 11.30, my father fetch say yin n sebastian from toing bahru plaza n gave us a lift to marine cove. We waited 4 bout 20mins at mcdonalds then philemon came. We went to a spot on the beach near marine cove, then we help philemon n his father pitch up their tents. After tt, say yin, sebastian n me went on to rent bikes. First time i was riding a two wheeled bike wif so many cyclists so i vry nervous, but after a while i got used to it. We wanted to ride to the jetty but then stupid got dunno wat event the they block they area after the food village. Yay. turn around n head back. haha.

then when we got there, philemon so hot cuz he just wearing swimming trunks. hahaha. vry funny. phelan also came bout tt time. then we go play along the beach for a while. Then say yin cannot take it he had to take off his shirt. no choice. So sexy. i have pics but i dont wanna get sued by him for putting them here. haha. I feel disappointment in the air. hahaha lol. then we all go rape him. we go bury his hands n legs then damn funny.

After tt, we go cycle again. this time all the way to changi. Damn stupid lor. the guy give me a bike so damn small until i cant even ride it. My legs all cramp then i damn slow. In the end say yin exchange bikes wif me then i felt a damn big sense of relieve. TY say yin u r the saviour.

When we got back, we ate dinner at mcdonalds then we just slack n talk crap. then say yin n sebastian suddenly feel lyk staying overnight so they go ask. Sebas can but SY cannot. So we hardcore go make him ask his mother if can 2-3 times. in the end still cannot. haha. So we all damn sad. We all action pack sit at the beach n look sad. =)

After tt say yin n sebas go home n i was left wif philemon n phelan damn nice. We talk rubbish n i vry bored, so i dare phelan to go 7-11 n buy 4 me maxim. Cuz no FHM la. Then he ask me follow him. i did. i waited outside then i see him through the glass. At first got a lotta ppl i n the shop so he lyk dont dare. then when it ws quite empty, he took it, paid 4 it n... i have a maxim yeaaaaa. I dont lend u all. hahaha i feel so evil. After tt we just talk crap then phil go sleep so phelan n me go sit at a table under a lamp post cuz i couldn't see the maxim propery cuz it was damn dark around our tent area. When we got there, something damn cool happened. Go two girls directly opposite us, facing the sea. I think both bout 16-17 yrs old. At first like they both just teasing each other when suddenly they start pulling their clothes tighter n they 1 of them sat almost on the others lap. then they keep touching each other but i cant really see wat their doing cuz they back facing us then we realised tt most ppl there were making out so we just watch lor. We r pros.

Then finally morning then philemon's mother go buy mcdonalds again. after tt i went home n after bathing, i immediately went to snooze. Ok. tts bout everything. Phil say maybe december he gonna have 1 more camp so if u all coming this time, u better stay.

posted @ 11/05/2006 03:48:00 PM

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wow. Today damn fun man. In the morning i went say yin's hse. He asked me to bring $$$ so i brought $$$$$$$$$$. Then bout 11 lyk tt we left for IRC. When we got there, we had 2 wait for sebastian n ym, so we go eat briyani. i got mutton n say yin got chicken. After tt, we go play at gamester cuz IRC service sux big time. We play 4 lyk 5 hrs. A great 5 hrs. We 4 go gang roshan. haha. the damn thing no chance. YM using tinker, sebastian using Magnus, Say yin using omniknight n i was using bone clinkz. The thing didnt stand a chance. After tt, we go buy 4 philemon a billabong pencil case, his B-day present. After tt we go eat at BK n talk crap. When i got home i kena scolded by my father for coming home 3 hrs late. haha. cannot fight wif him he will blow me apart. literally. So tts bout all for today i'll post again tomorrow. Say yin u owe me $15 n YM u owe me $17. U all better return me ASAP.

posted @ 11/03/2006 08:28:00 PM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yes!Yes!Yes! No im nt being horny, its just that tomorrow i can finally go far far away from my hse for the first time since the start of the holidays. Haha yea man. Tomorrow i going say yin hse then we going city hall to look 4 a present for Philemon's birthday, which is on Saturday. But hey, since we're going 2 city hall, we'd be total idiots nt to pay IRC a visit...lol. Ok. Today i felt lyk i completely wasted my time away. In the morning, i go my grandma hse cuz i need to help my grandma cuz my aunty got a new maid who is made to show ppl the meaning of useless. Then later on, i go home use come 4 a while then must go do hse wrk then immediately after tt must go buy dinner. Wtf. Nvr pay me somemore. Nvm the nxt few days will b better. Yea. Okie tts all see ya

posted @ 11/02/2006 07:11:00 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Haha lol. Today morning i go 4 the shooting course. My father send me to seng kang CC. When we got there, we got lost. so we stopped at compass point shopping center 2 ask 4 directions. The CC turned out to be the building next to the shopping center. haha. I was the first 1 there. then after lyk 30mins everyone was there. The guns turned out to b M-16 A-2 models. Yea tt one below:
Think halo 2's BR. Something lyk tt. We did nt use live rounds since it was in a CC. So we used white pellets. After some practice shooting, we went on to play a game called Snipers. We each had to knock down 5 drink cans placed 20m away from us. We had 10 rounds. pffft no kick. So 2nd time we had 5 cans 6 rounds. the person who could knock down 5 cans wif 5 rounds would be ranked as a sniper. Each sniper would get a small prize. We were broken up into 3 teams: sec 1, 2 n 3. The team that managed to knock down the most cans would also get one prize per member, including snipers who already had a prize. So when it was my turn, I held my breath and took aim. On the command, my finger fell onto the trigger. Bam! 1 down. Bam! Bam! 2 more. Then when it got to the 4th can, i hit it but it didnt drop. Sad turned out that the pellet had gone through it. No more sniper, no more prize. Pellet 5 n 6 hit their marks and the scores were announced. Turned out that the Sec 2s n 3s were tied at 22 cans downed each. So we went into a round of sudden death. 1 person from each team, one can to down each. Faster trigger finger wins. Sec 3s won la. They faster.lol. Then we were dismissed. Our seniors asked us to select a reserve out of the 5 sec 2s there for the actual day. At first they selected me. Then my senior said that i topped the entire sec 2 platoon for the shooting test earlier in the year. Yea i rock. So i the end, i had to be in the shooting team. No choice. So Charles become reserve cuz he too short to b firing from a fox hole. After tt we go eat lunch then i go to the suckiest arcade i have ever been to ( the one that YM always goes to) after tt i go home. Now i just trying to figure out wat to get for philemon since ever one in the world is broke except me.

posted @ 11/01/2006 05:59:00 PM


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