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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wheeee. After taking a break from blogging for so long, im back. Sooo... basically nothing much has been happening, till last week. Wth man, valentines day, n CNY less than a week apart? tts cool. So... valentines day first.

St.Valentines, screw u.
Ok.... when this day was getting closer, everyone was getting too excited. Me? Frankly, i was feeling all 'meh' bout Valentines. I mean, arent u supposed to show ur loved 1s tt u love them everyday rather than just 1 day? ....strange, i guess. So, when i was going to school, i saw a few gals wif flowers. wth la they confirmed buy 4 themselves 1 la. The guy who gives flowers to them is a retard. I mean they're lyk really fugly la. Who cares man. Then went to school. Teng gave us the Valentines day cards our friends had written to us. Well, tts MSHS for u, promoting gayness 24/7. The rest of the day was pretty normal la. Then after tt i went home n slack for a while. Then after tt, i went for tuition. hahaha. Cool man. Debbie was lyk trying to find out if David gave my tuition teacher anything. Yea man. Dunno wat happened in the end. So tts bout the whole of valentines day. In the end i managed to get something la, really small thing, but at least got something. Yay. My first girl gift. Great.

CNY, the time i get poor.
Yea man. The day would have been better if it was a half day, but nvm i'll be happy with wat i have. So...first half of the day was ok, got the chocolate coins in an ang bao stuff. So lessons also slack 1 la. Then after recess we went to the hall for the celebrations. The hosts were screwed up, and the dunno wat skit also sucked. The only time i saw ppl awake was during say yin n sebastians performances la, so good job 2 u 2. After tt we went watch Epic movie, Y.M, Say yin, Sebas, Zhou Quan and me. At first we decided on watching Ghost Rider at PS but the queue was lyk scarey. No chance of getting tickets sia. So then we go Cathay n watch. GR seats were shitty so we watched epic movie instead. Its average la. The way the ppl laughing over there is lyk they nvr watch anything funnier b4, lyk Jackass no.2. More on tt later. As i was saying, Epic movie is an average show, but then again, i dont really laugh at much things other than BD, so cant really say much. Then after tt we go play lan a while, but after 20 mins i had to go already. So yea, Friday could be considered a good day. But then i came home n realized tt the whole damn movie is on youtube. Screw tt man.

Jackass no. 2? Best Comedy Ever?
I certainly think so. Whys tt? The answer: Simply cuz the guys in it r NUTS. Seriously, would u eat horse shit for $200? tts wat makes it such fun to watch. But cant really catch it on the big screen la, its R21. N i dont give a shit to that. Basically, its more lyk a collection of crazy stunts than a movie. It has over 60 stunts in it and comes from the MTV series, Jackass. The stunts in the movie r batshit crazy, so we're nt supposed to try it at home. Nt tt we can anyway. Most use things nt foung at home. U've gotta watch it to enjoy it, so im nt going to say much bout it. Its rated R21 for Blood, Gore, Nudity, Excessive use of the F word and Naked grandmas, so if these offend u, dont watch it. U have been warned.

Singapore's Punk Hope
Sooo, since i was so free for the pass few days, i decided to check up on the local music scene. So im betting tt none of u out there even know 5 local bands, so i giving u a few names. Ronin, Electrico, West Grand Boulevard, Force Vomit, Futon, Saw Loser are just a few of em. They were all good in their own ways, but to me, Saw Loser stood out the most. Ok, they may still be a few years behind most foreign bands, but still, they are one of the best in S'pore. They have 2 albums, and were formerly known as Pug Jelly. Their lastest album, Long Distance Phonecall, has a few tracks that deserve respect, like Big Shot and Mr. Know it All. So i went to check the songs out. At first i was laughing at the lame video of Mr. Know it All. But after hearing it a few more times, i realised tt it was a good song for singapore standards. But sadly, many ppl dont lyk them. But hey, everyone knows tt the ppl bitchin bout them cant even play a shit as good as them, so give them respect. Saw Loser pwns man they have a new fan.

N finally, the unecessary top 10 stuff
Hey if its unecessary, y put it there? Cuz i want to. Im nt changing for anyone. Yea. Ok so basically, at the end of each post i'll put some extra stuff for fun.

Top 10 things about Halo 2
10. The battle rifle
Hey this is 1 of my favourite guns. Great range control, no recoil? Bungie makes guns. Good ones. Firing in 3 shot bursts, it chips shields away lyk crap. A great gun to have in a deathmatch and it should be one of ur guns in campaign.
9. Banshee available in multiplayer
Remember all those screwed up moments in halo when u had to play till lyl 8 to pilot the banshee? Guess wat, halo 2 has various maps housing banshees. Yay. Cool huh. But know the right time to use 1, or u'll get pwned. N nvr be stupid by crashing it onto the wall illing urself. It scares gals away.
8. It made the PS2 look lyk a small, insignificant dogshit
When it was out, it was just lyk wham on the first night n after ppl play it, they actually start wondering where the PS2 had gone to. Turns out many were put in to storage in order to make more shelf space. hahaha.
7. The energy sword
Woah. Watch out for players weilding this powerhouse. 1 proper hit = instant death. Enough said.
Yeah man this stuff rocks. Ur armour. Quicker shield recharge. Cool looking. Helps u kick alien butt lyk a professional.
5. Massive environments
Yeah. Most of the time, u'll be outdoors, tearing through the whole place in a vehicle. Walking on foot isnt really an option.
4. Introduction of the Scarab
Whoooo its a bigass mechanical spider basically. Blasts crap up with a particle beam. U'll have to escort 1 in the last lvl. Not tt it'll get destroyed or anything. tt cant really happen. Only dead scarab i've ever seen is in Turf.
3. SMG
LOL. Hahahaha. This one rocks. Yay. It lead to the creation of the Fman. Nice little bullet hose, damn inaccurate but still fun to shoot stuff wif it.
2. Hijacking
Tank gets into ur base, kills both rocket men. Everyone starts to panic n gets mowed down by the tanks turret. Then comes the smart guy, who leaps onto the back of the tank. Punching a hole through it, he lobs a grenade in and jumps off. BOOM. Tankman dies. Tank trashed too. Woah man.
1. Friends
U noe tt stuff bout soccer unites the world? Well guess wat? tts pure bull. GAMING unites the world ,dammit. N halo in particular. Before Halo 2, say yin, sebastian, Y.M n me were lyk just friends. Now wat? Yay man. U can b playing Halo with someone halfway across the world, he's crapping words u dont dig, n yet, u feel the connection with him. Man this is the way. Y b stupid n wage wars? Real men settle their problems in a good ol' halo 2 deathmatch. N bloodshed, n the probs settled after tt.
Last but nt least, the EGM stuff.
Ok as the title suggests, it stuff from EGM. Everything down there will be from EGM, n im nt lyk gonna put the whole magazine there, u gotta buy it urself. The stuff will be anything from funny stuff in the mag to reviews of all things, so yea tts wat'll will happen at the end of one post every month.
The 2006 1UP network Awards
>Best Narrative: Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
Runner Up: Bully (PS2)
>Best Level Design: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii/GC)
Runner Up: Tomb Raider: Legend (multi)
>Best Artistic Direction: Okami (PS2)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
>Biggest Cultural Movement: DIY game shows and Video Blogs
Runnr Up: Pro Gaming
> Best Battle System: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
Runner Up: Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
>Biggest Wow Moment: Fighting the Beserker from Gears of War
Runner Up: Driving through the Dead Rising garage
>Most Sadly Ignored: Okami (PS2)
Runner Up: Viva Pinata (XB360)
>Designer of the Year: Twiight Princess Director Eiji Aonuma
Runner Up: Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski
>Best Multiplayer Expierence: Wii Sports (Wii. Yea duh.)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
>Quirkiest Game: Elite Beat Agents (DS)
Runner Up: Odama (GC)
> Biggest Innovation: The Wii Remote
Runner Up: Brain traning DS games
>Best Character Developement: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (XB360)
Runner Up: Bully (PS2)
> Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii/GC)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
Best Weapon: Dead Rising's Willamette Mall
Best Sound Design: Electroplankton
Best Downloadable Content: Grand Turismo HD
Best New Series: Gears of War
Best Sequel: Kingdom Hearts 2
Best Co-op Play: Guitar Hero II
So tts EGM's Best stuff awards for 2006. Of course they went into detail, i wont, u'll have to buy it to read it. Ok. tts bout all i have to say. Before i'm publishing this, i wanna tell u tt i did nt even intend to write this post, cuz no one bothers reading em anyway, but wat the heck. I'll just do it anyway. To me, having a blog is no longer bout getting ppl to read it, but its for my love of writing n expressing myself. So, no one lyks reading long posts but they're still gonna b present. This blog may not have many ppl visiting it, but, it will nvr be a nothing blog. Lyk i said b4 for, I'm nt changing for anyone. Have a nice day.

posted @ 2/18/2007 04:48:00 PM


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