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Friday, January 05, 2007

Yay finally we're back in school. Damn nice. More hanging out, n of course more amp. This yr, im hoping to get at least 50 more ppl to read this blog. Laugh all u want i dont care. All the times before 12 is am la so dont ask stupid questions.

Day 1
Woah. Today was nt quite wat i expected. Fman woke me up at 5.40am. wth i was still damn sleepy la. During the holidays is was waking up at bout 10am everyday. But i was also damn excited la. I bathe then change la. Long pants ok. Nt the stupid looking, dont respect me at all looking short pants. Cool ppl wear pants below their knee lvl ok, unless u're a gal la, where it's more or less the other way round. So at 6.30, i left my hse. Fman send me to school. Damn gd. When i got there, i looked for my class. Yay there it was. 5th floor, 1 up from last yr. Also same lvl as the DM's office. DK rocks la dont anyhow say him. Then i looked for say yin. He nt there man. Supposed to leave earlier. Aiyo. So no choice, must go in myself. After a while, ppl from last yrs class came in. Zhou Quan, Yong Xiang, Christopher n Jun Jie. At least nt so alone already la. Then say yin come. Damn power. Then sit beside me then we immediately BD already la. Damn cool. If u think ur superior to the BDs, ur stupid cuz they cant so damn bloody rip ur scrawny body in half before u can even call ur momma. tt said. u can clearly see tt we're nt rcst, more lyk BD patriots. ok. After tt we go look for sebastian. Nt there man. Phelan too. Hmmm... the Y.M come. After tt morning assemble. Damn cool la. At first Mr quayle came to our class there. I thought he's gonna be our form teacher la. In the end teng. Damn ironic cuz i was telling say yin tt later teng become our form teacher b4 tt. Scarey man. Then Bro Anthony gave a speech. Damn boring. Until sec 1s can lyk gonna faint lyk tt. U wanna noe how boring? on a scale of 1 to 10? I think maybe 50. After tt we went back to class. Teng go give his same old speech la the 1 bout his dead parents n being an engineer b4 teaching n NCC stuff. He gave us our time table n his phone number la. He's lyk so damn bloody handsome la so i'll b more than happy to give any gal....or boy who asks nicely enough. Then he ask us intro ourselves la. Wth is right. After tt we went to the shaw hall, where there was the opening ceremony. Damn lame la the teachers all go sit on the stage lyk stupid lyk tt. Then bro anthony had to give a second speech. He just had to. Half the hall was sleeping but did the baldie even care? No. He just went on and on wifout giving a damn. Model principal sia. After tt we were dismissed. Say Yin n Y.M went to camp. Phelan came in the end, wearing short pants. Cool huh. Sebas in the end nt MIA more lyk MC. I had NCC so i decided tt i just should go la. Then march march march n scream scream scream. After tt i went say yin hse, n camped for a while. Y.M super pang se la. Then i went to the hse n used to com for a while la. Nt seeing tt la say wee was there. Nt good to influence. After tt fman came n i went home la. tts bout my first day.

Day 2
Todays really considered the start of school. As in there's actually lessons. First 2 periods were Chinese. The teacher sucks la. I dont even understand normal chineses properly then she got a damn strong accent n she talks damn fast. As in way way over the speed limit. I understood nothing. cool. Chinese is must go tuition 1 la. But at least she slack 1 la nt lyk my pri school chinese teachers. Sec school rocks. So at the end of 80mins i hadn't learned crap. After tt PE. Damn gd man. The PE singlet this yr is so sexy la. The holes so big lyk those basketball jerseys. We only took our height n weight la. Im 70+kg but nt over weight cuz im lyk 184cm this yr. The things nt accurate la. I measure at the DnT room there is 186cm. Hmmmm. Damn tall right. Dont worry la, i wont tell ppl bout ur secret bald spot. Im damn good 1. Then after recess it was joanna's periods. Yay. She go flirt wif say yin again. Funny man. Actually she go ask him questions. Then Geog time. Our teacher is Mr LowTung Mun aka the Pandarean. Damn funny la. Gd 1. Then school dismissed. Supposed to go NCC. Supposed. I went to camp. Say Yin n Y.M too. Gd 1. Camping helps ppl to relax la. Then after tt i took taxi to tiong bahru plaza n bought the zoids VCD boxset. After tt went home n tts the second day la.

Day 3
Woah man. Third day already? Started wif 2 MT periods again. Understood a bit more now la. Then 2 maths periods. Also understood a lot la. Lucky i sitting beside say yin he's lyk the few ppl who understand. After a while i also can. Mr Teng's actually quite a good teacher la. But hard to concentrate man cuz Ms Png just sitting behind us. Nice la. I keep on using the class TV to see if she's still behind before talking stuff. After recess was Physics. Mr Kan actually remembered my name man. Then he ask me a question. What is Science? Say yin told me tt its a subject so i said tt la. lol. After tt was jeremy wong. Also remember me. Aiyo. Say i talk a lot. Then finally is Aida. She didnt seem lyk much la but her teachings great, she pwns PMS la. After tt school ended. Supposed to go NCC but i couldnt cuz i had a trial lesson for a tuition at kovan. Supposed to b 3-4.30 la ended up 3-6. Aiyo. My seniors gonna kill me. I dont care also la. Feel lyk quitting NCC anyway. Then join something im interested in lyk MITS, or maybe tt media club stuff. See how lor.

posted @ 1/05/2007 09:01:00 PM


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