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Sunday, December 24, 2006

bvlggThis quiz is from sebastian's blog he ask me to use so no choice:

1. Start Time: 10.05pm
2. Name: Shiva
3. Nickname: Sheeve i guess
4. If u were a skittle what color would you be?: Green.
5. Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
6. Horoscope: Aries
7. Hair color: Black
8. Eye color: Black
9. Height: 185cm i think
10. Favorite Color: Dark Green n Black
11. Glasses?: No
12. Braces?: No
13. Piercing/tattoo: No
14. Pet: No
******HAVE YOU EVER******
17. Cut your own hair?: Ya when i young i nothing to do go cut. I was a disturbed kid. tsk tsk.
18. Did you do something in the past month that you regret?: staying at home too much
20. Hugged someone who isn't your g/f or b/f?: family ppl, my pri skool teachers n principal. Bloody sagger
21. Skipped school?: Nt yet.
22. Bungee jumped?: In bangkok, yes
23. Jump off a building?: tts lyk part of the bungee jump man so yes.
24. Dumped someone?: More lyk i walked away.
25. Been arrested?: No
26. TP'd someone's house?: Wth's TP?
27. Won something?: Ya
30. Been rejected?: NO. =)
31. Been to a funeral?: Ya
32. Used a lighter?: Ya.
33. Been on stage?: Ya. In pri skool got a lotta times.
34. Season: Summer. So warm tt clothes come off. =)
35. Food: Hmmm... actually i eat everything
37. School subject(s): Sex Ed. After tt is IT.
36. Ice cream flavour: I guess mint
38. Person: The Master Chief. Period. Who cares if he's nt real? U arent either.
41. Book(s): The halo ones!!
42. Movie(s): Spiderman movies next time halo.
43. Song(s): P for punk
44. Park: East Coast
45. State: L.A!!!! wth i nvr even been there
46. Place: My room.
47. Sport to watch: Pro gaming!!!
49. Bands/musicians: SP, Busted n Yellowcard
50. Letter(s): Hmmm...F lor.
51. Restaurant: 'The Line' at Shangri la Hotel.
52. Cartoon Character(s): Zach!!!!
53. TV Station(s): Musik TV
54. Name for a son: Hmmm...i let my wife chose how bout tt
55. Name for a daughter: Wat i said up there.
******DO YOU PREFER******
56. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
58. Long relationships or short?: Long la wth
59. Dogs or cats?: Dogs
60. Scary movies or comedies?: Comedies unless its the scarey movie movies. Then can
61. Short hair or long?: 50-50 can?
62. Croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon Bits
63. Kissing or hugging?: Ermm...see wat comes naturally la
64. Mexicans: The waste of space hats
65. School: Amp
66. Grass: Step on it
67. Cow: Udder
68. Canada: Simple Plan!!! Yay
69. Mouse: Big Ears
70. Hands: Touching u noe wats
******THE PAST 48 HOURS, HAVE YOU******
71. Watched a Movie: Ya the Halo movie phrase 1.
72. Talked on the phone: Ya many times.
73. Cried: No
74. Threw up: No
75. Drank a glass of water: Ya
76. Done Drugs: No. Nt wise when fman's in da hse
77. Read a book or magazine: Ya
78. Watched TV: Ya
79. Looked in the mirror: Ya
80. Taken a shower: Ya
81. Taken a picture: Ya
82. Listened to music: Ya
83. Kissed someone: Ermmm sadly nope.
84. Told someone you liked them: Ya. My parents.

Hey everyone merry christmas. dont ask me y im wishing u on christmas eve. Gd enough tt i wished u. I dont wish ppl much. So be happy. Today nvr do much. Fman woke me up at 8am. I sleeping then suddenly a bomb went off outside my room. No la actually he keep on saying shiva boy shiva boy until i wake up. Damn irritating. Feel lyk punching him. Nt advised. So nvr. Then bathe. Then lyk wat for everyone else to get ready. Supposed to go suntec to eat roti prata wif my 3 little cousins. VnS n a gal 1. She damn gamer gal in the making man. hahaha. Then velan called my hse phone n fman answered. Then he go tease velan say we nt going then in the end ask him to go first. Then we finally left n when the car passed by my grandma's hse, wat did i see? VnS n my aunty just walking to the car. I was in a complete wth state. We rushed for them then now this. Screw. then finally reached suntec then the place surprisingly empty. My other uncle n aunty n cousin(the gal 1) already there. Then they go give me present. I knew it was a shirt la quite obvious. After tt we go buy the prata then fman go take lyk 12 bowls of curry then i was thinking wth. Just becuz it a free flow thing doesnt mean u have to burn up ur stomach. Then we eat finaish already fman n my mother go look for presents for us. So we all lyk idiots lyk tt walk here walk there then in the end Sakti got 1 of those plug n play tv games n velan had the Dragons metal ages thing. The gal got a doll hse n my sis got those cooking play set thing. Then me n my bro nvr buy anything first but later on we went to tiong bahru plaza n got thp8 from comics connection. Then the guy go ask us if finished GoW yet(which is exactly 1 month old as of today) then i say still got 1 more lvl. He surely think i'm a noob la. Normally can finish within 1 week then surya dont let me play by myself he wanna play co op but too scared to play. Damn screwed. Then he say the next game to play is lost planet. I already know wat. Then i ask him when can buy he say can buy NOW. Wth. Supposed to be after 6th jan than come out but dunno y so magical. Turned out tt its a direct import from japan. tt means all japanese except gameplay dialog. wth. Somemore $110 but he give us $30 discount but i rather wait till the english 1 hits town. Then he said tt Viva Pinata also fun to play. So i go try at the shop. Actually quite fun la. Face it. Ur nt tt cool until ur hands will burn when u play it. Then came home then fman n my mother went for dunno who's funeral. My bro, sis n me nvr go. I go play thp8. Ok la nt say tt good, nothing compared to GoW but still ok. Then bullet time stuff quite nice. Then i dunno do wat then unlock travis barker from blink 182 n billie joe armstrong from green day. Damn funny. Then as usual my head started to get pain so i stopped playing. Then i go watch MTV awards 2006. Now i lyk nothing to do just waiting for someone to come online lor. Then some more upstairs my hse all those screwed up workers i dunno drunk or wat keep on cheering something so freaking noisy. This christmas i damn sad. No gal to share my joy wif. =.( Then again, i've nvr spent any christmas wif any gal throughout my entire life. Damn cool. Damn it im just gonna tie a fishing rod to my back n use it to hang a mistletoe above my head n then go out. Hey if it worked for harry potter it'll work for anyone. Later kena by fatimah. wtf senario. N i no $$$ to buy any christmas present for anyone cuz i bought a big 1 for myself so dont get any funny ideas. Everyone have fun tomorrow. Only fman still have to work n i have not idea y. Hmmm. Later he having mistress at his office. tt'll b damn cool. Anyway once again merry christmas to everyone i noe. =)

posted @ 12/24/2006 09:32:00 PM


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