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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hey there guess wat? I havent died. I was just busy the past few days cuz DSS was staying at my hse. He came on thurs night then tt day we really didnt do much just talk crap la. Then friday morning we go tiong bahru CC to play basketball. Me n Fman vs DSS n Surya. We won=). Fman play damn rough la go explosions all over the place. Then afternoon we went to MSHS to buy school books. The canteen got new colourful stuff i think is for displaying artwork. Then got new stall selling mus food n its called mus food stall. Damn cool. Then bought the books n my uniform. I bought everything except PE shorts. Anyway, prepare to blow at least $100 on clothes. N the Amaths book will only be available after 26th. Which is sad, cuz the only reason y i went there before the 22nd was to avoid the sec 1 crowd but now its too bad. SAD. After tt we go safra n play. They 2 damn noob. I use Sand King n they dunno how to counter. Good to bully noobs. Actually DSS nt tt bad, his razor only 3 lvls below me during the second atch, i was using TB. But surya is noob. He go use jakiro then lvl6 when i lvl15 then i use split image he say i cheating. WTH its my spell wat...pfft. I dont wanna fite them again. Then rest of the day nvr do much. Then Saturday morning i went to swimming lessons as usual, only this time DSS followed. Then after tt, he went to the beach bout 4+ wif my aunty so we also go then we go swim wif him n my aunty's dog. After tt finally go home already. Now i'm just doing nothing, maybe trying to organize myself for next yr. Then yr of H3 n the destruction of the PS3. Waiting for it. Now i doing damn good modding on halo 2 wif the ADI processor program n also photoshop. At first i couldnt cuz i needed a modded xbox but luckily i have a 360, so i can connect my PC to the 360 easily, no need more any xbox modding. Yesterday i created my 1st map, using coagulation as the base. Check it out at files.halomods.com. Heres a little preview:
Story: After an intense battle on the mombasa bridge, a pelican full of marines runs out of fuel. It crashes just a few miles away from the bridge in an unknown canyon, and you soon find out that the battle isn't over. Take control of the Canyon at all costs.
New skin
New Sniper rifle (a few of your marines have it)
New Minigun (spawns where rocket is)
New sword color and sword is duel-weldable
AI Added
AI Shields increased
Scenery and mach's added
New bases
New Sky
All Covenant Aliens can be used
UNSC forces include Marines n ODST troops

This is the only screenshot i have so far, More will be coming.

I would lyk to thank senoir member t_mann05 for helping me out. Say Yin u better give me something bout programming next time for T.A. Then i everyday go work. I cant load the map in the xbox but the 360 can but the bad thing is tt everytime i off the 360 it gets deleted cuz i no memory card. I think i gonna spand some time now to find all the skulls in halo 2. I've found 6 so far. The cowbell,blind, Grunt Bday Party, Thunderstorm n Iron Skulls. Im also gonna perfect all the glitching techniques in halo to become ultima! Ok tts all. Tomorrow i see if i got the mood to write the rite

posted @ 12/17/2006 02:25:00 PM


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