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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yay school's gonna start soon. Damn gd. Today i nvr really do much. Morning i didnt go out at all. Just sit at home n study. Yes. Study. Nt lyk flipping through books, i was actually reading them. Quite interesting la. Then after tt i go play GoW for a while n finally managed to finish it. Sure got no.2 1 la cuz the locust queen keep crapping tt they're nt dead yet. Hmmm.Gd. Then the credits really damn hardcore la. At first is tt mysterious Gears theme music then suddenly Cole go rap. hahaha. Damn funny. He keep saying, ' Whoooo Bring it on sucka, this my kinda shit' over n over again. Then i go out wif Fman to look for present for say yin. Buy already la. Gd 1. Then i just lyk go eat wif fman then he keep talking stuff. Aiyo. Then say yin call me n tell me interesting stuff. N after tt i go my uncle hse. He go say tt got 1 maths tuition center damn good so ask me 2 go. Then he say the class got lyk 60-70 ppl 1. Complete wth state. At first i felt lyk i hit the jackpot. The place would be flowing wif gals, all i have to do is hook 1. Then say yin go remind me of YP so cant already. Wth this post is so damn short its stupid. Hope tomorrow got more stuff. Sad.

posted @ 12/28/2006 07:37:00 PM


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