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Friday, December 22, 2006

btAiya school gonna reopen so soon, then in 2 more yrs o lvls already then after tt 3 yrs++ then must go NS already. Wth time pasess so fast. Sad. Another yr is almost gone n things r happening so fast. Can still remember tt time we go east coast lyk last sat then now already 22nd. lol. Anyway. Since holidays r coming to an end, i must hurry n do everything i want to do. So on wed(1 day after say yin come back) i went his hse n watch Death Note anime. Same as the comic la. Only easier to watch cuz the whole comic is in chinese. Tehn we just keep using the internet then after tt go camp for a while. I eat mutton briyani. The thing damn hard to eat cuz the mutton no difference from rubber. then after tt go back tt time he give me honey. tt 1 damn good so no need to return my $$$ already. I'm advertising my good. Then he ownself give fman. Fman go say,"tts fucking thoughtful of u man. I shall let u live for 1 more day." exactly wat he said. Ask say yin. He will be lying. Then after tt lyk nvr do anything already lor. My sad life. Im stuck at home everyday n i need new 360 games or im gonna die soon. Then every night also i wait until 3++ then sleep cuz i reading stuff. Sometimes nothing to read. Damn sad 1. Aiya i tell u la. Everyone say PS3 nt worth it lyk tt. So i have to say this to leonard, " U stupid nerdass mfin shitbag. Im nt gonna let u touch the 360 let alone play halo 3. Cuz ur stupid for buying a PS3 just for playing kingdom hearts which, after being kicked in too many times, isnt exactly the nicest game. U chose KH3 of H3 n GoW." N Dringe of Cerebrus sucks lyk crap!!! our class got way too many ppl playing this kinda games. Nt good for health. All gonna die soon. yea. lyk that damn power. I now hooked onto TPS n those lyk MUA kinda games. But when halo 3 come out, i magically get hooked to FPS. Dunno how. Confirmed will 1. But must wait till at least 3/4 o7 then only come out. Cant wait.

posted @ 12/22/2006 10:13:00 AM


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