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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Damn i was supposed to write yesterday but fman planted a bomb in my HD so i couldnt turn my com on wifout blowing my room up. Anyways this ones for yesterday.I nvr do anything yesterday. My life is dull. But at least got play Smackdown vs Raw la tt 1 nt bad. VnS bring 1. I finished MUA, need ppl who dont wet their pants playing GoW (cough* Surya *cough) to play co op, Fifa is getting stupid, Superman Supersucks. So nothing. then afternoon good. My mother let me go tiong bahru plaza for a while so i went to check the mama shop. Yay got EGM!!! so immediately buy. Then rain, which is strange, cuz the last few times i went to buy EGM, it rained too. Uhh. So when i got home, i went into my room n EGMed. Damn power. They go compare the Wii n the PS3. I tell u. Sony is digging its own grave by using bluray. Yea, its much bigger than DVDs but its also means more $$$ n longer loading time. Expect a PS3 game to be at least $85. Good for Sony. Then i continue reading, n saw motorstorm for PS3, which looked wow but then again, it looks lyk GoW's shitbucket. No offence to the producers anyway. So as EGM themselves placed it, "forget bout saving, take wat u have, n get a 360. So far there isnt one thing bout the PS3 tts been giving better than the 360 and in addition with its spectacular price tag, it's just lyk having the words DON'T sprayed onto it." Then u wanna noe wat else? There's a rumour going tt there will be a new halo in 2009. Microsoft has apparently come up with a plan on releasing a halo n GoW alternately. So 07= H3, rumoured tt 08= GoW 2, 09= Halo( could be no.4, could also be a side story.) n so on. But then again, its just a rumour so dont have high hopes. But it does make sense since if ur game is making u rich lyk dunno wat, it would be good to carry on. N the final nail has been hammered into the xbox 1's coffin cuz all new maps for H2 will now only be available on the 360. Expect suicides everywhere, since nt everyone can get a 360. Me, im just lucky to have fman as a father rob lyk free. Now im gonna do a quiz from say yins blog. It'll be funny. Hahaha. Supposed to write 30 ppl's names, then dig it.

1. Say Yin
2. Sebastian
3. Surya
4. Fman
5. Amanda
6. Brenda
7. Shashi
8. Velan
9. Sakti
10. Phelan
11. Y.M
12. Philemon
13. Charles
14. Nigel
15. Wei Jun
16. Nicholas Koh
17. Senett
18. Norman
19. Caleb
20. Yeow Boon
21. Gabriel
22. Benedict
23. Dominic
24. Marcus
25. Bryan Tan
26. Debbie
27. Katrina
28. Suresh
29. Jessica
30. Hazel
1. Pick a word that best describes 18.
[Norman] Short. lol
2. How is 1 related to you?
[Say Yin] Gd friend. Boss also. lol.
3. Would 12 and 28 make a good pair?
[Philemon n Suresh] Wth this 1 power cuz both a bit gay 1.
4. What if 17 confesses his/her feelings to you?
[Senett] Run away!! =)
5. What do 10 and 22 have in their eating habits?
[Phelan n Benedict] I noe phelan doesnt need to feed. Benedict always eats sandwiches.
6. Say somthing about 30
[Hazel] She wants to have a hotel chain i think. Always hanging wif Jessica.
7. What if you are a third party between 5 and 27?
[Shashi n Katrina] Wth man. The contrast!!! Im blind!!! (and kates already dark, mind u) Nvr will happen.
8. What if you didnt know 2?
[Sebastian] Sad la. Also cannot meet any gals 1.
9. Which singer/band does 11 favour?
[Y.M] this one dunno man
10. Did 23 ever made you cry?
[Dominic] No la. But i saw him crying before.=)
11. Who is 21 to you?
[Gabriel] Primary school classmate, Secondary school schoolmate.
12. Did you ever hated 16?
[Nicholas Koh] Erm...he's nt really the kinda person u can hate so no. Anyway i dont hate ppl. I just get angry wif them. Nt hate.
13. What if 20 and 4 quarrel?
[Yeow Boon n Fman] Wtf? If YB ever insulted the Fman, he wouldnt be alive now rite?
14. Select an emoticon that best suits 25.
[Bryan Tan] Ermm dunno. A bald 1.
15. Would 29 make a good boyfriend/girlfriend to you?
[Jessica] Aiya y got this kind 1. I dunno, i dont really lyk ang moh gals
16. Radomly take 3 numbers from 1 to 10 and add them. Who is it? What is your deepest impression of him/her?
1+2+4=7 [Shashi] Black.
17. Choose a cartoon character to describe 26.
[Debbie] tt princess gal from PPG. $$$ ppl. Her dad's loaded.
18. Who would take the place of 1 if 1 is not part of your life?
[Say Yin] No one cuz nt only will there be no such thing called amp, no one in this world can BD lyk he can.
19. What does 19 look like?
[Caleb] Thin n tall ( nt tall to me la)
20. What is the resemblance of 21 and powerpuff girls?
[Gabriel] Nothing la he's a guy.
21. Is 3 an important person?
[Surya] Ya he's damn impt cuz if nt for him, i would have died of boredom long ago.
22. Select an idiom to describe 22.
[Benedict] His face got a lotta pimples u think the idiom up urself
23. What is 9's favourite phrase?
[Sakti] Bite ur breast. Yea i think so. Always says something lyk tt to say yin
24. Do you know 7's parents?
[Shashi] Ya la my aunty n uncle.
25. Name a song to describe 10.
[Phelan] My Alien by SP. Only he's nt MY Alien. Eww.
26. If you had a chance to date 15, would you?
[Wei Jun] No. Cuz im a guy.
27. Would you consider going on a cruise with 8?
[Velan] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. as if im nt getting enough already.
28. When is 24's birthday?
[Marcus] 22/11/92
29. How would you start a chat on msn with 14?
[Nigel] Nvr done so b4, i dont even have his MSN add.
30. When was the last time you met 6?
[Brenda] tt time we go watch i nt stupid 2. Only time i met her in person btw.

Ok. Done. I need to kill Locust mow ( by myself.) so tomorrow then write. Speaking of Gears, i've placed the trailer in my profile, under the H3 ad. N Im looking for ppl to form a Gears clan. Damn cool. N then im gonna start reviewing games for fun. Anyone interested in either tag it. One more thing. Anyone noes where to get a wishlist? Ok tt'll be all thanks

posted @ 12/19/2006 11:19:00 AM


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