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Monday, December 11, 2006

Yay i finally can post again cuz i finally renewed my anti virus. pfft. These few days were good since i was out almost every single afternoon. Sometimes is fman wanna bring us out, others is i follow my mother to J8 cuz my bro n sis got maths tuition.Friday owned cuz fman decided tt he was off so no one decided to come n stop him so he go bring us to funan cuz i need to redeem my copy of DOA xtreme 2! Hee. But main reason is to get the anti virus crap so i bought tt then something good happened. Fman go see the EA buy 2 for $118 offer so he immediately go buy. =) This completely pwns cuz tt time i buy xbox games lyk once a month lyk tt then now he lyk buying 360 games weekly by pairs. Either he's drunk...or hes been robbing too much. lol.
Then Sat nvr do much only got swimming where i pwns the scallop boy over n over again. tts nt his real name by the way. Then Sun...Imbaness!!! I followed my aunty for her company's christmas party cuz my uncle was in australlia n she had her spare ticket! So i happily went in the morning. So damn bloddy lotta gals. See until nose bleed lol. Then my aunty go hook me up wif this gal( as usual she lyks getting me into trouble) called amber then make us talk for lyk 30mins. Wth i didnt even noe her only her mum n my aunty work together. But i did ask my aunty to help me get her phone no. ...um. See how. Then after tt i saw katie's sisters n one of their boyfriend. But no kate in sight. Anyway, i was wondering wat they were doing there so i went to ask. Turns out tt the boyfriend worked as a dispatch rider for the company. Well, it's a small world after all. After tt i secretly go take pics of them ( i scared the man wack me up if i take openly). Im so bad. Here dunno i u can see it but i'll put it anyway.

Ok. From left to right: Sister 2, Sister 1, Boyfriend of Sister 1. No names shall be mentioned on the blog only via the phone will they be revealed!!! HAHAHA evilness. Then after tt i went Borders to look for the book Halo: The Ghosts of Onyx. Next week then come out. sad. Then i saw IT. The power book of Marvel. So i asked my aunty to get it for me for christmas. $94.50. She say can yay. Then i go VnS hse, which is my grandma's hse. They had their 360 there so at least nt tt boring. Then nothing else already la. Today i nvr really do anything but i did go to Bungie.net to check for updates on h3. Guess wat i found. Another trailer was made n was aired throught US a few days ago. I had to see it. So since bungie didnt have the file, nxt best place is the XBL marketplace. So i plugged the 360 to my CPU then after a damn laggy 20 minutes, i found it. But must pay S$5 for it. Wth i just went to youtube n found it, n now its in my profile section for ur viewing pleasure. the chiefy gadget is called a grenade net for now n the chief is rambo lyk dunno wat. The graphics r CGI rendered but bungie says tt the gameplay will be almost the same thanks to their new CG rendering game engine so the game will " transition smoothly form gameplay to cinematic". Hope tts true. OK tt'll be all thank you for visiting the burial mound pfft.

posted @ 12/11/2006 03:41:00 PM


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