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Monday, November 13, 2006

Part 1
It looks like a pine-scented paradise from the air, your typical Shangri-La of cedar trees, waterfalls and emerald meadows. But half a ton of Spartan will only stay airborne for so long, and as gravity yanks you earthward, you see what looks like scurrying iridescent insects resolve into fellow Spartans and alien scum exchanging volleys of energy beams and good ol'-fashioned lead. Touchdown. You hit the grass shooting, your assault rifle spraying at a charging Brute who double-fists two alien guns that hurl molten spikes. You side step in order to dodge but the Brute drops both weapons on roars in feral rage. The sound echoes through your head and shakes you up a little, but you steady your nerves as the beast charges towards you. You engage with it, but it moves incredibly quick for something that big. You feel its cinderblock fist slam onto your chest plate, throwing you back 10 feet. You hit a boulder and slump onto the ground. A normal person would have fainted or even died by then, but they dont call you Spartans for nothing. You cling on to consciousness and look at your status. Your shield is completely drained and you have some broken bones. You try to get up but the impact has jammed the MJOLNIR's left leg joint. In order words, you are paralysed. You look up at you opponent. The Brute has retrieved its weapons and is taking aim. At that moment, you notice something. You can't help but smile. You silently thank the Spartan who just saved your life. A pencil thin laser falls onto the Brute's shoulder. It snarls at you and you see its thick finger move closer to the trigger. Too late, bastard. The Spartan laser hitsthe Brute and it melts into thin air. As its body burns, you hear its blood curdling roar for one last time before it dies.
To be Continued

This is Halo 3, boys n girls.

Okok enough of the drama. Halo 3 has been officially shown to the world. I have so many pics to show i'll put then here some other time. I can't excatly tell u everything but i can tell you that so far, there are tree maps, valhalla, high grounds and snowbound. The max no. of players still remains at 16 n u can still only hold 2 weapons ( i noe i said 3 sorry bout tt) Now there are many more ways to kill, i'll say more later on but it just has to do wif using everything in the environment. The controls have changed quite a bit. The left bumper is for: 1) switching grenades, 2) picking up ur left weapon n 3) reloading ur left weapon. The left trigger can either lob grenades or fire ur left weapon. The right trigger only shoots ur right weapon n the right bumper picks up n reloads ur right weapon. The A button is for jumping n the B button is for melee. The reat r unknown at the moment. Here are some of the weapons announced for H3: Spartan Laser, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG!!!, E-sword, Needler( no more dual wield), pistol, brute spiker n spike grenades. I guess u'll get to use all the normal weapons as well. Those were the weapons that were either new or inproved. As for vehicles, only new one for now is the mongoose ATV. There will be more game types n everything will b fully customizable. O yea, u can only hold 2 of each grenades now. lol. ok i'll say more next time.

posted @ 11/13/2006 08:00:00 PM


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