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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Part 3
Suddenly, one of the Elites looks up and sniffs the air. He says something in alien tongue to his brothers and they all turn to face you. You know they can’t see you because you are hidden behind a boulder, but you also know that they sure as hell have your scent. You quickly scan the area and see a small cave in the rocky walls 6 feet to your south. The Elite will not be able to get in. You may. With all the strength you can muster, you use your arms to propel yourself into the small space. It is very cramped but you still push yourself deeper into the hole. You hold your breath as hoofed feet stop outside the cave. A hand snakes in and grabs onto your right ankle. You grab onto a piece of rock as the Elite tries to pull you out. You are able to slow it down for a minute before its vast strength over powers you. He pulls you and the rock you were holding on to out of the cave and flings you onto the ground at its feet. It looks down at you and says something in its language. A few moments later, the armour translates what it had said. “Human, why aren’t you fighting back?” it asks in its gravel-like voice. “Isn’t it customary for the weaker species to fight back before extinction?” it taunts you. “Die, pathetic fool,” it says as it activates its energy sword. You draw back your hand and fling the rock at its head. With the help of the MJOLNIR’s strength, the rock becomes a deadly bullet. I hits the Elite squarely in the forehead and the warrior crumples onto the ground. It is not breathing. The other Elite’s are a little stunned by the death of their leader, but it only lasts a few seconds. That is all you need. You sweep up the fallen Elite’s energy sword with your working leg and grab it with your hand. You activate the sword and fling it the way people throw frisbees. It flies in the air, spinning, and two of the remaining Elites drop to the ground, heads cleanly separated from their bodies. Almost immediately, one of the Elites draws both its plasma rifles and points them at your head while the other picks up the energy sword. You know that you are going to die but you tell yourself that at least you tried, so you will not die for nothing. Suddenly, you hear the deafening rattle of human weapons and the two Elites fall to the ground, bodies riddled by bullet holes. Although your visor is stained by alien blood, you can vaguely see three of your fellow Spartans jogging up to your position. Knowing that you are in safe hands, you allow yourself to slip into unconsciousness.
To be Continued
Okok part 3 is here yay!!! Read it if u want, ignore it if u don't. Ok... today is damn blessed. I went Vivo city!!! You should have been to the place if u haven't its a big nice place wif lots o' shops n people. What did u expect? Its a mall. Then i saw her. At Best. N i refused to leave wifout her. So i took her home wif me. I was scared tt i would have hurt her, so i handled her very gently. So once i got home, I took off her clothes n started playing wif her. N i was shocked at how sensitive she was. Once small movement resulted in such big reaction. I instantly knew that she would be the ONE. Wait u perves... ur completely misunderstanding me. Do u noe who she is? See if u can guess. That by the way, is damn cool. Okok her refers to a x360.

posted @ 11/15/2006 08:38:00 PM


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