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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yay! Y i nvr write yesterday? Cuz i was staying overnight at east coast. Yea. haha. Vry fun man i dont mind doing it again. lol. At 11.30, my father fetch say yin n sebastian from toing bahru plaza n gave us a lift to marine cove. We waited 4 bout 20mins at mcdonalds then philemon came. We went to a spot on the beach near marine cove, then we help philemon n his father pitch up their tents. After tt, say yin, sebastian n me went on to rent bikes. First time i was riding a two wheeled bike wif so many cyclists so i vry nervous, but after a while i got used to it. We wanted to ride to the jetty but then stupid got dunno wat event the they block they area after the food village. Yay. turn around n head back. haha.

then when we got there, philemon so hot cuz he just wearing swimming trunks. hahaha. vry funny. phelan also came bout tt time. then we go play along the beach for a while. Then say yin cannot take it he had to take off his shirt. no choice. So sexy. i have pics but i dont wanna get sued by him for putting them here. haha. I feel disappointment in the air. hahaha lol. then we all go rape him. we go bury his hands n legs then damn funny.

After tt, we go cycle again. this time all the way to changi. Damn stupid lor. the guy give me a bike so damn small until i cant even ride it. My legs all cramp then i damn slow. In the end say yin exchange bikes wif me then i felt a damn big sense of relieve. TY say yin u r the saviour.

When we got back, we ate dinner at mcdonalds then we just slack n talk crap. then say yin n sebastian suddenly feel lyk staying overnight so they go ask. Sebas can but SY cannot. So we hardcore go make him ask his mother if can 2-3 times. in the end still cannot. haha. So we all damn sad. We all action pack sit at the beach n look sad. =)

After tt say yin n sebas go home n i was left wif philemon n phelan damn nice. We talk rubbish n i vry bored, so i dare phelan to go 7-11 n buy 4 me maxim. Cuz no FHM la. Then he ask me follow him. i did. i waited outside then i see him through the glass. At first got a lotta ppl i n the shop so he lyk dont dare. then when it ws quite empty, he took it, paid 4 it n... i have a maxim yeaaaaa. I dont lend u all. hahaha i feel so evil. After tt we just talk crap then phil go sleep so phelan n me go sit at a table under a lamp post cuz i couldn't see the maxim propery cuz it was damn dark around our tent area. When we got there, something damn cool happened. Go two girls directly opposite us, facing the sea. I think both bout 16-17 yrs old. At first like they both just teasing each other when suddenly they start pulling their clothes tighter n they 1 of them sat almost on the others lap. then they keep touching each other but i cant really see wat their doing cuz they back facing us then we realised tt most ppl there were making out so we just watch lor. We r pros.

Then finally morning then philemon's mother go buy mcdonalds again. after tt i went home n after bathing, i immediately went to snooze. Ok. tts bout everything. Phil say maybe december he gonna have 1 more camp so if u all coming this time, u better stay.

posted @ 11/05/2006 03:48:00 PM


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