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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Part 5
You remember the day too well. You had a heated argument with your father. He was a war veteran so he always came down very hard on you. Deep down inside, you knew he cared for you but he just didn’t show it. You ran away from the house and did not want to go back. So you hid in this alley and before long, you saw a shadow pass by. You looked up in the sky and saw a warship pass overhead. You realized that you had seen such pictures before in old newspaper cuttings from the previous war. It was a Covenant warship. You saw different types of aliens drop from the ship onto the streets, firing lasers that burned everything that moved. You felt a whole new kind of fear. You had never gone through the terrors of war before. Fearing for your family’s safety, you ran home. There were Covenant all over the street but you used the maze of alleys to avoid them. When you reached the street opposite your house, you saw a two humongous bulks moving deliberately slowly outside your house. They each held a huge metallic shield on they left hand and a huge gun on their right. You also noticed that one of them had three spines on its back, instead of the usual four. In place of the fourth one was a stump of orange flesh. You knew what they were. Your brother had told you terrifying tales about the beasts before. The monsters fit his descriptions perfectly. You felt your chest tighten. Through a window, you saw your family. They could have moved into the basement where it was much safer but they didn’t. Then you realized how worried you must have made them. Guilt gripped your heart. Your father was holding his standard issue pistol and as you watched, your father burst out of the door, wilding firing at the monsters. He was going to look for you! NO! NONONO!! It was suicide but he did not care. They did not flinch. The rounds seemed to be harmlessly pinging off the tank like hide of the beasts. They pointed both their guns at my father. There was an intense wave of heat and you were blinded by a flash of green light. When all the smoke had cleared, you saw that everything that you had was gone, now a smoldering mass. Your house had been blown apart by the monsters when they fired at your father. You knew that your mother and brother were gone too. You felt like screaming but dared not. All you could do was cry silently.
To be Continued
Yay. Damn soon i'll be outta here. I going to malaysia. At least a few days of relaxation n i deserve it. Okok. I today nvr really do much, i went to buy gears of war ( thanks to my grandpa for the fifty bucks) but tiong bahru plaza comics connection sucks no have already. Sad. Must wait another day. I feel damn wierd. Before i got the 360 i felt damn cannot take it must buy... but now i feel...nothing.hahaha. I guess its cuz i've only got DOA 4. I'm not saying it sucks they can very well start a porn ring bout the game if they want n get twice as rich. But they r good ppl so they wont do tt. tts y i play it. tt didnt even make sense...lol. I play it for the assets to say the very least( read between the lines) . Its nice to play not fun to play. then after tt i come home n just slack wif my bro at home. My parents n sister were out. We lyk nothing to do so just play halo 1. yayay imbaness. Then i go various blogspots n tag as ppl whose names r already there n i just sat back n relaxed n watched the resulting chaos. Tt was cool. Then after tt go my grandparents hse n eat Chi Bri. =0 imba ok. then come home n now im writing for a blog tt so little ppl read. tts cool too. When i'm back in tuition i shall gather all gals n get their blogs. Then go maths tuition n get the other gals blogs. Who cares bout the guys they all suck. Ok tt'll be pretty much all. o yea, im still waiting for HER. Not the 360 the HER.

posted @ 11/18/2006 08:54:00 PM


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