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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Part 2
After the Brute is gone, you send a distress signal and wait for help to arrive. You are about to close your eyes and catch a few breaths when 5 red blips appear on your motion sensor. You look up and see five black armoured Elite warriors, not more than 50 feet off your position. Special-ops. As you watch, the Elites walk from body to body, looking for any survivors. Your armour tells you that there is a marine still breathing amongst the bodies, but you can do nothing to help him. Maybe, just maybe, the Elites will not spot him, maybe…he will make it… no. It isn’t possible. You know that he will not survive, but you are not accepting the fact. You clench you jaw as the Elites make their way to the marine. You feel like turning away but you eyes are glued to the marine. The biggest one of the bastards steps forward and an energy sword flashes to life in its fist. It grabs the marine by his neck an lifts the marine clean off the ground, so they see eye to eye. The marine struggles but to no avail. Finally, he stops struggling and looks into the Elites merciless eyes. Then, he spits onto the Elites face. You are amazed by the marine’s braveness even in the face of death. The Elite snarls and skewers the marine with the weapon. At that moment you feel completely useless. You are trained to handle the toughest situations but you can’t even safe a life. The marine’s scream dies off, but you know you’ll have nightmares about what you have just witnessed.
To be Continued
Hahaha. There. This is damn good. I dont even noe wat the story's about but i just keep writing. I guess its gonna be bout the 7th batch of Spartan super soldiers...i dunno. Read it if u want. if u dont lyk it then nvm just ignore it. Ok.... I found out that MSHS shooting got 4th. Tt means tt must go finals...sad. tt means i'll have to leave M'sia 1 day earlier...damn it. nvm. I like shooting. It runs in the family. O yea...i can't add other ppl's blogs to my links cuz i haven't met anyone yet. N the only girl i have talked to since the start of the holidays excluding anyone from my family is the girl/boy from NCC on the shooting competition day. So... help me get more ppl to come here!!! O n yes. Its nt tt i dont wanna buy the 360, its just tt i need to go harvey norman then can cuz there got $20 discount. pfft. Fman rox. The package is damn good: The x360 pro pack($660), DOA4($69.90) n 2 wireless controllers($79.90 each). All for $699! Wow! Used to be $850 now's christmas tts y. So u all should go buy. Lol. Cuz it also comes wif a kasumi figure. U can touch it so tts cool go get it. ok tts bout all.

posted @ 11/14/2006 08:42:00 PM


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