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Saturday, November 25, 2006

01. Full name: S.Shiva
02. Name backwards: avihS.S
03. Meaning of the name: Well i'm supposed to be a god of destruction u tell me wat it means!
04. Nicknames: Wth... Sheeve!! lol
05. Screenname: 117
06. Date Of Birth: 15/04/92
07. Place of birth: Singapore
08. Nationality: Singaporean
09. Current location: On halo!!!! No im in S'pore, somewhere in tiong bahru
10. Star sign: Aries
11. Religion: Hindu!!!
12. Height: 186cm Imbaness!! I'm nt tall u all r short =P
13. Weight: Aiya 69kg la height comes wif weight. Its a two way thing u noe
14. Shoe size: US 12, UK 13, Can 300
15. Hair colour: Black!!!
16. Eye colour: Black la... but ppl say its a bit pink. errm ok
17. Who do you think you look like?: I dunno... a human la.
18. Innie or outie?: Outdoors all the way!!!!
19. Lefty or righty: Right
20. Gay, straight, bi or others: I'm 100% guy.
21. Best friends: ppl who have entered my hse!! =)
22. Best friends you trust most: This one... i really dunno la
23. Favourite pals: Gamers!!!
24. Best friends of opposite sex: Heck she's GONE
25. Best buddies: Isnt this lyk Q21?
26. Boyfriend or girlfriend: Wat? I dinno girlfren?
27. Crush: Nt at the moment so yea.
28. Parents: Both still alive, one cant exactly die...
29. Worst enemies: My senior!! Nvr saw who
30. Favourite online guy: DSS!!! Imba
31. Craziest friend: tt 1 is Say Yin. 100%. Gonna get killed for rsm one day u noe 32. Advice friend: My parents. N the next person is probably sebastian
33. Loudest friend: Loud? Say Yin again i guess
34. Person you cry with: Make me cry also i will nt cry wif anyone. Most lykly i wont cry, i just lock myself i my room for a few hours.
35. Any sisters?: 1
36. Any brothers?: 1
37. Any pets?: Used to have 2 dogs n hamsters now only have the farnell imported fishes
38. Any diseases?: No i dont have any i think
39. Pager?: Nvr touched 1 b4
40. Personal phone line: I dont think so, unless u say hp line is a personal line then yea
41. Phone: Nokia 6230 n im happy wif it!!!
42. Lava lamp: No
43. Pool or hot tub: Depends on the occasion
44. A car?: My father sure pass down the warthog its a family thing.
45. Your personality: Happy!!! I talk crap, n get pissed somethimes
46. Driving: Next time la
47. Room: Nice n cosy to me
48. What's missing: A 42' LCD screen n my xbox was supposed to be brought in
49. School: MSHS which freaking owns
50. Bed: Wet i guess. Just wash la. Sick
51. Relationship with parents: Im a damn good son okay? I do hse work, take care of my sibs, buy food. All for a SMALL price of cuz
52. Believe in yourself: Ya i guess so
53. Believe in love at first sight: No nt after tt
54. Good listener: Ya u can talk to me bout anything n i may nt reply but i'll sure be listening
55. Get along well with parents: Ya nicely
56. Save email conversations?: No. Nt easy to blackmail me ok?
57. Pray: Nt really i'm nt tt religeous la
58. Believe in reincarnation: Only skeleking n the imbaness can la
59. Make fun of people: O O O i make fun of imba ppl so bad i think i'm gonna be sent to hell next time for tt
60. Like to talk on the phone: Ya damn nice to talk imba business till midnight
61. Want to get married: One day
62. Like to drive: Ya in a cool car. Now im stuck wif the freaking warthog...sad
63. Motion sickness: No im immune to tt kinda stuff.
64. Eat stem of broccoli: Ouch man...just...ouch i dont even noe wat tt'll look like. Let alone how it'll taste lyk
65. Eat chicken with fork: Eat wif the hand la who cares
67. Type with your fingers on home row: No
68. Sleep with stuffed animals:I only have zoids n gundam
70. On the walls of your room: Posters. Lots of em
71. On your mousepad: A Mouse?!! Hello?
72. Dream car: I dunno i think i'll settle for a mazda. Today i saw a damn cool 1
73. Dream date?: With HER. The ONE
74. Dream honeymoon spot: Around the world!!!! N end it of on a nice beach or something lyk tt
75. Dream husband/wife: I dunno cant saw la hehe
76. Bedtime: Midnight++
77. Under your bed: Another bed. the pull out kind
78. Single most important question: Huh i dont get this too
79. Bad time of the day: Various. Depends wats on tt day
80. Your worst fear: Cockroach!!!!
81. The weather is: Rainy!!!
82. Time: 10.31pm
83. Date: 25 November 2006
84. Best trick done on someone: Throw the freaking fish on phelan. Its nt a trick but i was funny!!
85. Theme song: Shut Up!!!! Play to my seniors!!!
86. Hardest thing about growing up: Controlling myself?
87. Funniest experience: Everytime we talk bout the imbaness is a funny experience.
88. Scariest experience: tt time we at east coast at nite then we go to the sea wall then all the freaking sea cockroaches swarming all over the damn thing! Wth? I dont care if its gay man but cockroaches seriously freak me out.
89. Silliest thing I've ever said: F*** when talking to my mother? My father is nvm but my mother dont like
90. Most desperate and funniest thing you've ever done with an opposite sex: Touch la. Dont think so much nt the naughty parts
91. Scariest thing when you're with your friends?: Im always scared tt a angry mob of imbaness will murder us if they hear our nice comments bout them. Actually tt time i got flashed in malaysia tt was scarey other than tt nothing much. O playing Gears of War is also scarey.
92. Worst feeling: I tell u. Being punched right down there. Girls trust me u dont wanna feel it.
93. Best feeling in the world: Let me see... so many!!! Being Alive!!!! All feelings good n bad come wif tt. But more importantly, its being wif others You'll nvr feel lonely. U'll share the good times n no matter how screwed up the bad times r, u'll nvr be alone. TTs something.

OK!!! Give urself a pat on the back. If u have actually read through the entire quiz, ur amazing. Yay. Okk today i nvr really do much. In the morning i went swimming. So slack today unlike last week but anyway, still good. I love swimming classes they rock. Then after tt i came back home n played MUA for lyk 3hrs. U noe wat? Forget gears of war, forget PG3, forget any x360 game tt came out this year. To me, MUA is the BEST!!! U go buy 4 controllers, the game, the 360, n get some frens over, then see if u'll wanna stop playing. Its nt tt the others r bad, GoW is freaking intense, but the real fun is in MUA!!! Yay tts cool. Then after tt i went out wif my grandpa. I like going out wif my grandpa so i was more than happy. Then we go beach road n bought some indian muslim food, after tt we stopped buy at lau pa sat n bought satay. Yay the feast. Then i go buy 8 days. Fiona Xie is hot la u all dont say bad things bout her she just rocks. N felicia chin too yay!!! Then everyone go my grandma's hse n eat then we play till 9. Then i came back home, ask farnell if can watch death note. He say late already tomorrow then watch. ok no argueing wif the Fman. So i go on MSN n talk to say yin. He said he was gonna do the quiz so i did it too n now im writting here. But can u all help me do something? Get more ppl to gome to this burial mound!!! Ok tts all for today see u tomorrow n be happy

posted @ 11/25/2006 10:05:00 PM


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