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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Haha lol. Today morning i go 4 the shooting course. My father send me to seng kang CC. When we got there, we got lost. so we stopped at compass point shopping center 2 ask 4 directions. The CC turned out to be the building next to the shopping center. haha. I was the first 1 there. then after lyk 30mins everyone was there. The guns turned out to b M-16 A-2 models. Yea tt one below:
Think halo 2's BR. Something lyk tt. We did nt use live rounds since it was in a CC. So we used white pellets. After some practice shooting, we went on to play a game called Snipers. We each had to knock down 5 drink cans placed 20m away from us. We had 10 rounds. pffft no kick. So 2nd time we had 5 cans 6 rounds. the person who could knock down 5 cans wif 5 rounds would be ranked as a sniper. Each sniper would get a small prize. We were broken up into 3 teams: sec 1, 2 n 3. The team that managed to knock down the most cans would also get one prize per member, including snipers who already had a prize. So when it was my turn, I held my breath and took aim. On the command, my finger fell onto the trigger. Bam! 1 down. Bam! Bam! 2 more. Then when it got to the 4th can, i hit it but it didnt drop. Sad turned out that the pellet had gone through it. No more sniper, no more prize. Pellet 5 n 6 hit their marks and the scores were announced. Turned out that the Sec 2s n 3s were tied at 22 cans downed each. So we went into a round of sudden death. 1 person from each team, one can to down each. Faster trigger finger wins. Sec 3s won la. They faster.lol. Then we were dismissed. Our seniors asked us to select a reserve out of the 5 sec 2s there for the actual day. At first they selected me. Then my senior said that i topped the entire sec 2 platoon for the shooting test earlier in the year. Yea i rock. So i the end, i had to be in the shooting team. No choice. So Charles become reserve cuz he too short to b firing from a fox hole. After tt we go eat lunch then i go to the suckiest arcade i have ever been to ( the one that YM always goes to) after tt i go home. Now i just trying to figure out wat to get for philemon since ever one in the world is broke except me.

posted @ 11/01/2006 05:59:00 PM


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