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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part 6
You know what is going to happen next but you do not want to let your family die, not again. You see something lying near a dumpster and run closer. It’s some kind of gun. Maybe it can kill the Hunter. You try to pick it up but it’s too heavy for your frail child arms. You try and try until your muscles become numb but nothing happens. The weapon stays glued to the spot Even though you are exhausted, you do not give up. You see the Hunter take up firing position. NO! Then, the Hunter fires at your family and you witness the same nightmare twice. At that point, you lose it. You pounce onto the Hunter’s back and pound it as hard as you can with your fists. Although you are clinging onto its neck, it easily flings you onto the wall and then disappears as suddenly as it had appeared. You curl yourself into a ball and lie there on the concrete, crying. You hate yourself for not being able to rescue your family. You had a second chance and yet you failed. You hate yourself for being so useless…so helpless…and so weak…

Yay im so damn bloody back from malaysia. Nice trip lor damn relaxing. The resort was a big rip off though. It sucked. As fman said it, it was day light robbery. lol. Ok. this trip was cool cuz i learned a lotta things.
1. Pork is illegal. I seriously didnt noe tt.
2. Com games r freaking cheap!!!
3. Cheap yet genuine x360 goods
4. Whole lotta pirated video shops. They all appear closed and even if its opened, there wont be any Vids on sale. But behind the many posters on the walls is a secret door, which leads to VCD heaven. Nt good to do tt huh.
5. It is really disturbing to be flashed at. Really. Im nt joking. Just now on the way home we stoped at Machap for a toilet break. No one really needed to go so i went by myself. Then got this man already inside the like after piss then walk up to me and ask me something. i just ignored him n then i noticed his fly was opened n his goods were hanging out. I nvr even bother washing my hands i just ran man. Damn freaky.
Now i nothing to do just slacking tomorrow i gotta go collect my prize for the shooting com.

posted @ 11/22/2006 04:31:00 PM


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