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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yay!!!! So....today nvr really do a shyt. But then again, isnt it cool to just sit there? Not really? Well too bad, cuz if was sitting there wif a 360 controller magically stuck to my hands. Hahaha. Seems like tts all im doing this entire holiday. But then again, it is a 360. The next gen king!!!! I tell u. People need water, food, oxygen and gaming to survive. damn cool. Ok... i actually went to ride my bike for lyk 2hrs at my grandma's hse. So boring man just went in circles. East Coast to Changi then ownage la. Should do it more often. Then after tt came home n do hse wrk for 2hrs n earned $27 for my hard work!!! Ownage the fman way. Then at night i went to tiong bahru plaza n eat. Then i went comics connection then there was this deal. 2 EA titles for $118!! Wth i nearly buy but got no nice games then i was left wif battlefield 2 n superman returns. N superman returns is cool ok? Seriously. Although its from DC, the game is just damn nice. Huge city, epic boss battles? But then both 1 player. Then nvr buy. Rather wait for christmas n then get all the better games as presents. tts the good thing bout having a multi racial n religeous family!!! Both my grandma's r Chinese, so CNY=$$$. 1 of my aunts is malay, so her whole family gets added to my family tree. N one of her family members happens to have millions, so hari raya=$$$!!. Then of cuz majority of my famaly is somewat indian, so deepavali=$$$. Then another 1 of my aunts is Eurasian, so her family gets added too. tt means christmas yea!!! IMBANESS!!! N i decided tt i shall take back wat i said bout GoW its just freaking fun to fight others tts imba!! Ok tts bout all sorry i have nothing else to really write bout except the 360 n $$$ we'll just have to see wat next week holds 4 me. N amanda sry i didnt wish earlier so happy birthday!!

posted @ 11/26/2006 10:04:00 PM


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