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Friday, November 24, 2006

Okok. Time to give my gooood story a break. Yay. I got 5th in spore for shooting com!! Imbaness. So i woke up n went to kathib MRT then to Nee Soon Camp. I knew tt we would waste time there but wat the heck. I was there for the prize. After tt, i went 2 play lan for a while. Then i went to tiong bahru plaza to meet my family cuz my parents both off. Then they eat finish my mother brought my sis to Popular, then Fman bring me n surya to Comics Connection. So we always go there sure buy something 1 so we go see the games there. I told him tt i was saving for GoW. He thought i wanted to buy MUA. So in the end, i said i wanted GoW first. Then he imba. He asked me to take Both. Double Kill!!! Then he go use the Credit Card to pay. The shop keeper so scared he gave Fman discount. After tt i went home n booted up my baby. Then i put i GoW. Then i went straight to campaign mode. Played for a while, then quit. Wth smartest AIs i have ever seen. They dodge bullets like crap n r able to work together to trap u. N they shoot. They shoot like hell. Even Fman scared. So i got play deathmatch wif surya. The games nt bad. Amazing graphics, great weapons n the blood! the gore! Definitely nt for the faint hearted. Check these out:

Notice the second 1. Its a chainsaw gun kill. Think tts bloody? U sholud see wat u can do wif a shotgun or grenade. hahaha im so evil... Then after tt we go play MUA. Freaking Imba!!!!! Arrrrhgggg i cannot take it its tt fun. 4 ppl can play so tt rocks. 140 characters tt rocks too. The the boss battles r damn epic i cant take it everyone must just play. So far this i the best game for my 360. GoW can give u real nice gameplay but the fun really lies within this underated game. Next time we all play go kick ad guys ass. N btw im writing for yesterday n the HER is i dunno yet tts y im waiting.

posted @ 11/24/2006 09:58:00 PM


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