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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ok say yin. U asked me to write so here it is. Haha i nvr write so long...i dont even noe wat 2 write. Hmmm...ok. I tell u all wat happen during the holidays.

Fri: School finished at 12 becuz got of the teachers' day thing. After tt i rushed to my pri school to see my teacher. When i got there...bloody hell must wait 1 hr then can go in...sad. In the end i go in n give my teacher her gift. Then I waited.N waited... For lyk 2 hrs then we all happily go plae lan!!! I got OWNED man.

Sat: I go say yin hse 2 do "project" we slack then go 7-11 then go eat our lunch/dinner. Then my slipper break so, no choice have 2 walk barefoot. say yin decided to accompany me. =)

Sun: U dont wanna noe

Mon: Nothing much. Just stay at home n meditate

Tues: Let the celebrations begin! I go 2 skool 4 "NCC" so my father drop me at Say yin hse first becuz duty calls. I go skool n slack from 10+ to 1+ cuz say yin got CCA. Then we go play lan. I learned that girls generally suck big time in gaming( no offence say yin Im toking bout another girl.) I got OWNED man.

Wed: YAY. I hardcore go say yin hse again. Then we go IRC play lan. We were OWNING AI.
Then i sian go try the other games. I play battlefeld 2. Nt bad. Got a bloody parang. I give it 8/10 due to tt. Then we go my hse n I OWNED the halo competition.Haha. We also play DnD

Thurs: Screw man nothing 2 day.

Fri: Farnell off. He bring us go eat.

Sat: Only got swimming. Velan came n challenged my H2 later thinking he could actually win. I kicked his sorry round ass upside down.

Sun: Mr Devan's Maths tuition. Nothing else.

There. Dont bother me. Alright everyone. May u b blessed big time by A powerful being.

posted @ 9/12/2006 04:24:00 PM


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