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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The cold dawn light shines on the crowd;
The seconds, ticking slowly past
Until the black corporate shroud
Of secrecy be dropped at last!

The faithful wait before the stores.
Though weeks have passed, no spirits sank;
They make their camps beside the doors
And devour the weakest of their ranks.

A light goes on; the time is near--
A thrill for those who have survived!
The doors fly open--the moment's here!
Halo 3's at last arrived!

Pushing, fighting, stabbing, tears!
Call them names! Punch their groins!
" Limited Quantities " cried in fear
By those late to the battle joined!

The war is done; the blood is dried.
The winners return to their lair
To celebrate the fortune's tide
By pwning noobs in multiplayer!

See their lust for blood be sated!
See them jump with physics exaggerated!
See the Covenant brought to grief--
Hail the return of Master Chief!

posted @ 10/06/2007 03:24:00 PM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ok... So how it hanging everyone?? Good i hope. So..i'm back for another post. Stopped cuz of the CT. And did that turn out well. I ended up flunking nearly every subject, managing to pass only the languages. Aiyo that sucks. If your school doesnt have CTs, good for you. If you did have 1 and got owned by it, its all right. No use crying over spilled milk, yea? Work harder. Thats what i'm gonna do. Hey, it's not that i wanna study. I have to. Im not getting retained.

Oh Shit.
That was what i was thinking when i got back my results. Sad la. Dunno y my study standards dropping until lyk that. Gabriel(the guy from my primary school) is in the front classes. Wth man. I used to be better than him. Now what?? Tsktsk, not good. Guess i'm gonna study with them(he n his brother)from now on. Ok... as for the common test, i admit i didnt study. Then again, i never did since i entered upper primary. So what does that mean?? The standards getting higher. So time to study seriously. Actually i know y my grades have been dropping so rapidly la. Its cuz of GAMING. Since i got my Xbox in '03, it has been a downhill ride. Arggggghhhhh. Gaming ruined my life!!!! And i have never been happier to say that. It's an honour. Hahaha. Zieg Heil Microsoft and Nitendo, Crash and Burn Sony. Screw the Thompson bloodline. Gaming is my life, and even if im gonna study like i did a long long time ago, i'll never have no time for good ol' game of Halo 2!!!!

Ok this is just great. Halo 3's gonna be available in 3 different editions: The standard edition (For the highly uncool, casual gamer), the Limited Edition (For all wannabe Halo fans) and the Legendary Edition (The only edition halo fanatics like me will accept). The standard edition doesn't have any box art yet, while the Limited Edition is gonna come in this slick black metal case n a bonus making of halo 3 DVD. As for the Legendary edition, there's 4 discs, 1 for H3 itself, another 1 containing the same footage as the bonus disc in the Limited ed, 1 containing all episodes of Red vs Blue n This Spartan Life. The final disc's containing some unannounced stuff, which im guessing are bonus maps. It also comes with a collectible art book and all of this gets packed vertically into a rectangular stand, a MJOLNIR MRK III helmet covers it and its base has the H3 logo and the whole thing has a rusted metal finish. Really cool stuff. Then comes the WTF part. Ok.. i knew that for all this, it would cost quite a lot, but this is nuts. Bungie anounced the US price, as well as the Australian 1s:

Standard: US$59.90 AU$99.95
Limited: US$89.90 AU$129.95
Legendary: US$109.90 AU$199.90

Woah. Yeah i know. Not helpful since i'm saving for a DS as well. More crap news. The only way to secure a Legendary is to preorder. Which gives me a shorter time limit to save. Luckily, Halo is a game under microsoft game studios, which standardizes all its games to sell at $69.90 in S'pore.
So im predicting the Limited Ed will go for $89.90 ( i know it can't be the same as the US price, but halo 2's Limited ed sold cheaper here than in the US, so for all we know history may repeat itself.) n the Legendary to go for nothing more than $150. Hopefully. Then like that still can get both H3 n a DS la. So must see. Hopefully H3 comes out in November la, if not i'll be having a little problem saving. N this is what i'm gonna do too:

speaking of halo, the new b.net's up and running, so go check it out.

Spiderman 3 fight scene revealed!!!
Yup exactly what that says. Check it out in youtube. I'm still gonna describe it here anyway. Spoilers!!! Dont read from here onwards if u dont wanna know what its all about.
The scene begins with MJ and Peter laying on a web in the park talking -- you'll know about this scene if you've paid attention to the trailer and seen previously released production stills. Peter is visiting Aunt May and he tells her he's decided to marry Mary Jane. "That's so wonderful," she says, and she gives Peter her engagement ring to offer MJ.

CUT TO: Peter is on his scooter in the city, in normal street clothes, and Harry Osborn swoops in out of nowhere sporting a Hobgoblin-like look. He is fully dressed in black, with tough-looking Oscorp body armor. He has knives that pop out from his arms, and he wears a black mask -- like Scorpion's mask from Mortal Kombat, but is mostly black. He is riding what looks like a badass version of a Back to the Future hoverboard which flies much like the Green Goblin's rocket sled. Peter and Harry fly through the city fighting in what is probably the most brutal battle seen in the Spidey flick series thus far. As Peter swings from building to building, Harry flies along with him and they exchange powerful blows. Harry slashes Peter's chest. Peter fires balls of webbing at Harry and manages to obscure his vision, but this doesn't slow him down for long. Harry flies after him, knocking him off of every perch, while Peter continues to fire webs -- remember he's not even dressed as Spider-Man at this point. In the scene's climax, Harry chases Peter into a narrow alley and hurls flying pumpkin-shaped razor weapons at him. Peter knocks them out of the air, and manages to send one flying back towards Harry. It cuts into Harry's shoulder and he gets distracted, trying to pull it out. Peter takes advantace of this distraction to set a tripline using a web. This knocks Harry off of his board and sends him falling to the ground, hitting a number of things on the way down. The scene ends with Harry laying on the ground unconscious and Peter swinging down to try and help him... but things don't look good for the young Mr. Osborn.

More Spiderman stuff

Except this time, its about his game for number 3. A lotta awesome stuff happening to this 1, and i'm willing to bet it'll be the best hero game anyone has every seen yet. Ok. Lets start with the basics. Hero games are a genre of games that rarely gets praised. People love to diss them. Its really simple. Either you make one that sucks or 1 that freakin rocks. An example. Ravensoft made xmen legends 1 and 2. Both didn't really fare well with the critics. Then they made Marvel Ultimate Alliance and wham!! It was a blast to play, and it could easily be considered the ultimate superhero game. Now you get the picture. Back to Spidey games. First one in full 3D was "Spiderman: The movie" the videogame. Ok...being the Spidey fan i am, i'll still have to say this one sucked. The civillians and Spidey himself were okay looking, but the city was downright ugly. Too bad you have to see it every where you turn. Then came Spiderman 2: the videogame. This one had some standard. It was fun to swing around and beat the crap outta bad guys. Had some cool bosses too, like Shocker and R.H.I.N.O. This time round, we were treated to the best looking city and Spidey ever seen in a video game, but the once human looking civillians now looked like oddly jointed and very pointy shapes. Their mouths did not move during conversation and there were only a small variety of people. Very very dull. Then came the City Events. These gave us something else to do other than swinging around in between missions. Some were fun, most weren't. Then finally came Ultimate Spiderman, a videogame of one of my favourite comic series. This game had the most bosses in any Spidey game so far, and the biggest city. Graphics were not an issue as it had cartoon graphics to give it the comic book feel. Real cool cutscenes. This one had some real time events as well. But the big major problem? All levels are the same. You chase a boss down, then you own him. Thats it, all 12 or so levels of it. Not doing much to keep you interested are they?? Also, this games really quite difficult at first go, but if you play it the second time, you'll finish it in 2 damn hours. See the contrast?? Not very exciting any more.

Then Spiderman 3: the video game. If i had to use one sentence to discribe it: 'I'm freaking gonna buy this 1.' One word? 'Awesome.' Seriously, i've got the feeling this ones gonna be big. First. I've never ever seen this many people this excited to play a hero game. Its on 66 000 people's wishlists (myself included) on gamespot.com alone. Then now comes the latest news. This games gonna have a New York 2.5 times bigger than in Spiderman 2. You now get to explore the underground as well. And all this is gonna be in full HD. Wheeee. Huge playground we're gonna get. Next. The people. Cool. They actually look human this time. Well, they may not be the best looking graphics i've ever seen ( GoW's pretty much to blame ), but at least they are flowing with next gen. Third. It's freaking real time. For those who dunno what real time is, its a sequence of events that allows you to choose your every move, altering the outcome of the battle with each and every one of em. Fourth. The interaction. This one's the awesomeness. Remember all those irritating boss battles in previous spiderman games that somehow blocked you into a small area to fight a boss. Well, goodbye to that. Picture this: Spiderman gets attacked by the Sandman in a building. Every super powered punch and kick they throw has individual effects. For example. Sandman clubs Spidey upwards. Instead of just getting damaged, Spidey crashes through the freaking ceiling, taking the battle to a whole different environment. Then Spidey recovers and kicks Sandman in the chest. He crashes through the wall and smashes into the road below. Instead of just walking as if nothing just happened, the people start running, screaming and so on. Cars skid to avoid the Sandman and a collision ensues. At this point, Spidey can either lead the Sandman to somewhere with less civilians or he could just leap down and continue the fight. Cool right? Fifth. Also you've got Spider Sense, so you'll be able to dodge many things. Another example, the Lizard starts flinging car after car at you. Instead of just getting spammed to death, flick on spider sense. Time slows, and you jump from one flying car to another, slip between two more, than punch the Lizard several times before he even knows what's happening. And the final reason: The Black Suit. 40% of the game's about this one. With it, you'll have more health, be able to leap further and hit harder, but enemies will start to swarm around you more often. Also, you'll face much tougher bosses during these parts of the game. So, dunno how good it'll be, but no matter what, i'm still buying it. Here are some pics:

Heh. He has 40 bones in that b***hin tail alone, thats how next gen it is.

Freakin new Times Square people.

The interaction stuff i was so excited about.

Big, green and a whole ugly heap of trouble.

Top 10 [The position range in class that i am so not in]
Hahaha thats true. with my wonderful results, it'll be a wonder if im even in the top 30. And even better still, there's only 34 people in the class. Wheee. So whats it gonna be this time??? Well, you know its gonna be something about games right?? I mean, Gaming is like my Crack you know? except its legal so its not that bad.

Top 10 most anticipated games of 2007

10. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [Wii]
Hey wait a sec...oh man. Samus is back for more. Yay to that. For those of you who dunno who Samus is, she is the only balless legend worth mentioning. Yes she's a babe. In a kick ass suit of armour. Yay to that. Again. The Galactic Federation's Base Sector Zero is under attack by Space Pirates. Samus must boot up the generator to restore the defense systems. But at the end of her path, someone awful is waiting for her. The war initiated by Dark Samus and the Space Pirates rages across many planets as they attempt to corrupt each with Phazon seeds. Players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to explore alien landscapes, hunt for weapons and information, and destroy the seeds. Saving the planets from Corruption isn't enough, though. Eventually, players must take down Samus' mortal enemy, Dark Samus. Besides using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to pull off amazing feats like aiming and blasting in midair or at a full run, players also will have an array of different weapons at their disposal.

Samus n Master Chief would make a good couple...

9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl [Wii]

Yeah this one's gonna be fun. All Nitendo characters included. Solid Snake's been slipped in as well. This is gonna be one heck of a fight. So...since not much has been revealed about this 1, i'll just give you a list of special guests in the game:

Pit (Kid Icarus)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Zero Suit Samus (the blue "no-suit" Samus from Metroid: Zero Mission)
Metaknight (Kirby)
Wario (Wario)

Yea all these plus many more like Mario, Kirby, Link and of course Pikachu (dont laugh at this name cuz you probably went after one in your gameboy version of pokemon). And may i turn all your attention to Zero suit samus. You think she's crap with the suit then you should see her without it. N no, she still has something on sorry about that. (Dont take the zero suit part literally, it is a game meant for everyone young and old)

Snake gets his butt kicked...by a girl?! Wtf...

8. Mass Effect [Xbox 360]

Set 200 years in the future in an epic universe, Mass Effect places gamers in a vast galactic community in danger of being conquered by a legendary agent gone rogue. A spectacular new vision from legendary developers BioWare, Mass Effect challenges players to lead a squad of freedom fighters as they struggle against threatening armies to restore peace in the land.
Mass Effect is the first in a trilogy of games with an overarching story. As the first human Specter – sworn defenders of galactic peace – your mission is to halt the advancing armies of a legendary agent gone rogue. But as you lead your elite team across hostile alien worlds, you will discover the true threat is far greater than anyone imagined. Sounds cool?? Play it plays cool too. Who knows?? Maybe i'll just pick this 1 up..

Wooooh FIIIRRRE!!!!

7. Crysis [PC]
A next-generation project by CryTek, makers of the dazzling FPS Far Cry. This game is running on the new CryENGINE 2 technology. The game is one of the the first announced to run on the advanced DirectX 10 architecture. Set in 2019 after a colossal asteroid crashes to Earth, Crysis begins amidst a tense military standoff between the North Korean and United States governments for control of the impact zone. Amid rising tensions, the asteroid suddenly bursts open revealing a massive alien ship, which begins freezing vast portions of the island and altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun. Crysis features an epic three-act story of alien invasion where players are able to customize their armor and weapons in real time to confront an ever-changing enemy and a harsh, dynamic environment. And don't just put it in your com n bitch about the lousy graphic quality, cuz its not at its full potential unless you've got Vista and Direct X 10 in your com...as well as aXFXGeForce 8800GTX XXX graphics card (bye bye $1 159) and a HD screen.

Oh umm...forgot about the door...

6. Bioshock [PC/XB360]

BioShock is a unique game that mixes a spine-chilling setting illustrated with art deco art and architecture, sci-fi themes of bio-genetic mutation and self-modification, a deep storyline with open-choice freedom to interact with the world as you choose, and first-person action that requires you to think every time you pull the trigger. After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea. Constructed as an idealistic society for a hand picked group of scientists, artists and industrialists, the idealism is no more. Now the city is littered with corpses, wildly powerful guardians roam the corridors as little girls loot the dead, and genetically mutated citizens ambush you at every turn. So if you like hunting down helpless little girls only to smash their small little skulls in, this 1s for you...you sick little kid.

Hey get back here, you slippery little b****!!

5.Grand Theft Auto IV [PS3/Xbox 360]

Ermm..so not much of this 1 has been revealed..so um...well, its an open world sandbox game from Rockstar studios. N its really open. Air, sea, undersea, land gameplay all included. Your character is probably gonna be a nig, and with them comes a lotta guns, we all know that. Really nothing else to say, you people should know how GTA plays, if not welcome to the year 2007, it's about time you crawled out from under your rock.

They really meant the next gen graphics..

4. Super Mario Galaxy [Wii]

As always with any Nintendo game console, the first Super Mario game is one of the defining experiences on the system. Join Mario as he ushers in a new era of video games, defying gravity across all the planets in the galaxy. When some creature escapes into space with Princess Peach, Mario gives chase, exploring bizarre planets all across the galaxy. Since he's in space, Mario can perform mind-bending jumps unlike anything he’s done before. He'll also have a wealth of new moves that are all based around tilting, pointing and shaking the Wii Remote. So um..if you've got a Wii, you wouldn't mind getting this 1, its one of the better titles on the system.

Just how the heck did the italian plumber last this many years??

3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [PS3]

Announced in November of 2004 (and finally presented officially at E3 2005 by Hideo Kojima). The title is a next-generation adventure set in the aftermath of MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Kojima is in charge of as game design, production, and direction (along with additional director Shuyo Murata), with Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi producing the title and Yoji Shinkawa handling character design. The concept behind the project is "No place to hide", and the new edition of the series will force Solid Snake into unexpected circumstances in an all-new storyline that breaks away in some ways from the previous MGS franchise entries. So well, this ones PS3's ONLY gun in the console wars, but i'm betting it'll end up on the 360 as well. Where did you think all the other PS3 exclusives went to??

No matter how main Snake is, Raiden here is the true badass load of coolness in MGS4

2. Assassin's Creed [PS3/Xbox 360]

Crappp i'm so gonna buy this 1. Even that short demo they let us see was amazing. The envrionment's so freakin interactive i can't take it. Really realistic too. One stab from an enemy n good bye. Good example of a PS3 exclusive going to the far superior (in quality games) 360. From the team that brought the world Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell comes a sophisticated new franchise utilizing the power of next-gen technology for its complex action. The first game in the Assassin's Creed franchise is set in 1191 AD, when the Third Crusade was tearing the Holy Land apart. Shrouded in secrecy and feared for their ruthlessness, the Assassins intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Players, assuming the role of the main character Altair, will have the power to throw their immediate environment into chaos and to shape events during this pivotal moment in history. And you know what's the cool part?? The genius behind this 1s a girl!!! See ladies, you too can throw out the ownage in the area of games, its not much of a guys only thing anymore.

Whee i love this violence! A sword through a body?? This 1s mine.

1. Halo 3 [Xbox 360]

Well...BIG surprise here. If you thought anything else other than Halo 3, you're a total herb. You know what any game with the word HALO in its title can do right. The inpact it will have on society. Millions will lose sleep over H3. And even more people will spend hours queueing in line just to get their hands on H3 a few hours before everyone else, knowing that there'll still be plenty of em will be available for the next week or so after launch. Heck, i'll probably be one of the idiots in line at Funan the night before launch. But hey, the experience is worth it. I may not go out much, but within that 1 night, i'll probably meet more freinds than any of you ever will in your school life. You see, i know us gamers are always seen as outcasts by the society, and i know you guys all have the image that we're all stuck up guys without any friends. Well, guess what, you're wrong. Gaming freaking unites the world man. The mood that night will be electric. People who don't even know you will come up and you guys will just click. I know cuz i was at the H2 launch party. Whooo i'm gonna have an overflowing friends list on XBL after the H3 1. And yea. You'll be surprised at the amount of girls playing halo in s'pore alone, thats why i'm with the whole gamer girl idea. The epic saga continues with Halo 3, the hugely anticipated third chapter in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise. Master Chief returns to finish the fight, bringing the epic conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and the entire human race to a dramatic, pulse-pounding climax. Taking full advantage of the power of Xbox 360, Halo 3 expands on everything that has made the Halo franchise great, adding a wealth of graphical, technical and gameplay advancements, as well as offering a whole new level of online gameplay. After this, i'm wondering what else is worth looking forwards too....


No EGM this time, but something else thats interesting.

Last week, Activision announced it will sell three add-on packs for Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the best superhero game on any platform for now. These are a Heroes pack containing The Hulk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Hawkeye, a Villains pack including Venom, Magneto, Sabretooth and Doctor Doom, and a combined pack of both. All three packs will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace, Tuesday, April 10. The Hero Pack and Villain Pack will each be 500 Microsoft points ($6.25) and the Combined Hero and Villain Pack will be 800 Microsoft points ($10). Heroes and Villains gamer pic packs will also be available for 80 Microsoft points each ($1). From that list of characters there are some really cool buffs and awesome moves. Hulk can almost double in size so normal characters only come up to his waist and Venom grows tendrils and giant claws. Moves-wise they all have cool abilities, like Doom's "Doom Warp," which inflicts damage on everything around as it teleports him out of harm's way. Hawkeye also has a really visually exciting attack -- the "Ice Pick" -- where he jumps up in the air and blasts everything below him with his arrows. Ok....so this will pretty much conclude this troublesome post. Couldn't post it on time cuz i kept having problems with blogger.com, so i had to do many parts again and again. Ok....before you go, enjoy some screenshots of the DLC for Ulti Alliance:

Total IR

Woah Venom...you're on the same team as Spidey? Forgot about eating his spleen already?

I am going to tear your balls out, you b****.
Woah...bad guys taking out bad guys.

Ewwww...Sabretooth? They couldn't put anyone more badass in, like the Juggernaut??

This one's to brighten your day, and bring a smile to your face:

"Including your Virginity."

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wheeee. After taking a break from blogging for so long, im back. Sooo... basically nothing much has been happening, till last week. Wth man, valentines day, n CNY less than a week apart? tts cool. So... valentines day first.

St.Valentines, screw u.
Ok.... when this day was getting closer, everyone was getting too excited. Me? Frankly, i was feeling all 'meh' bout Valentines. I mean, arent u supposed to show ur loved 1s tt u love them everyday rather than just 1 day? ....strange, i guess. So, when i was going to school, i saw a few gals wif flowers. wth la they confirmed buy 4 themselves 1 la. The guy who gives flowers to them is a retard. I mean they're lyk really fugly la. Who cares man. Then went to school. Teng gave us the Valentines day cards our friends had written to us. Well, tts MSHS for u, promoting gayness 24/7. The rest of the day was pretty normal la. Then after tt i went home n slack for a while. Then after tt, i went for tuition. hahaha. Cool man. Debbie was lyk trying to find out if David gave my tuition teacher anything. Yea man. Dunno wat happened in the end. So tts bout the whole of valentines day. In the end i managed to get something la, really small thing, but at least got something. Yay. My first girl gift. Great.

CNY, the time i get poor.
Yea man. The day would have been better if it was a half day, but nvm i'll be happy with wat i have. So...first half of the day was ok, got the chocolate coins in an ang bao stuff. So lessons also slack 1 la. Then after recess we went to the hall for the celebrations. The hosts were screwed up, and the dunno wat skit also sucked. The only time i saw ppl awake was during say yin n sebastians performances la, so good job 2 u 2. After tt we went watch Epic movie, Y.M, Say yin, Sebas, Zhou Quan and me. At first we decided on watching Ghost Rider at PS but the queue was lyk scarey. No chance of getting tickets sia. So then we go Cathay n watch. GR seats were shitty so we watched epic movie instead. Its average la. The way the ppl laughing over there is lyk they nvr watch anything funnier b4, lyk Jackass no.2. More on tt later. As i was saying, Epic movie is an average show, but then again, i dont really laugh at much things other than BD, so cant really say much. Then after tt we go play lan a while, but after 20 mins i had to go already. So yea, Friday could be considered a good day. But then i came home n realized tt the whole damn movie is on youtube. Screw tt man.

Jackass no. 2? Best Comedy Ever?
I certainly think so. Whys tt? The answer: Simply cuz the guys in it r NUTS. Seriously, would u eat horse shit for $200? tts wat makes it such fun to watch. But cant really catch it on the big screen la, its R21. N i dont give a shit to that. Basically, its more lyk a collection of crazy stunts than a movie. It has over 60 stunts in it and comes from the MTV series, Jackass. The stunts in the movie r batshit crazy, so we're nt supposed to try it at home. Nt tt we can anyway. Most use things nt foung at home. U've gotta watch it to enjoy it, so im nt going to say much bout it. Its rated R21 for Blood, Gore, Nudity, Excessive use of the F word and Naked grandmas, so if these offend u, dont watch it. U have been warned.

Singapore's Punk Hope
Sooo, since i was so free for the pass few days, i decided to check up on the local music scene. So im betting tt none of u out there even know 5 local bands, so i giving u a few names. Ronin, Electrico, West Grand Boulevard, Force Vomit, Futon, Saw Loser are just a few of em. They were all good in their own ways, but to me, Saw Loser stood out the most. Ok, they may still be a few years behind most foreign bands, but still, they are one of the best in S'pore. They have 2 albums, and were formerly known as Pug Jelly. Their lastest album, Long Distance Phonecall, has a few tracks that deserve respect, like Big Shot and Mr. Know it All. So i went to check the songs out. At first i was laughing at the lame video of Mr. Know it All. But after hearing it a few more times, i realised tt it was a good song for singapore standards. But sadly, many ppl dont lyk them. But hey, everyone knows tt the ppl bitchin bout them cant even play a shit as good as them, so give them respect. Saw Loser pwns man they have a new fan.

N finally, the unecessary top 10 stuff
Hey if its unecessary, y put it there? Cuz i want to. Im nt changing for anyone. Yea. Ok so basically, at the end of each post i'll put some extra stuff for fun.

Top 10 things about Halo 2
10. The battle rifle
Hey this is 1 of my favourite guns. Great range control, no recoil? Bungie makes guns. Good ones. Firing in 3 shot bursts, it chips shields away lyk crap. A great gun to have in a deathmatch and it should be one of ur guns in campaign.
9. Banshee available in multiplayer
Remember all those screwed up moments in halo when u had to play till lyl 8 to pilot the banshee? Guess wat, halo 2 has various maps housing banshees. Yay. Cool huh. But know the right time to use 1, or u'll get pwned. N nvr be stupid by crashing it onto the wall illing urself. It scares gals away.
8. It made the PS2 look lyk a small, insignificant dogshit
When it was out, it was just lyk wham on the first night n after ppl play it, they actually start wondering where the PS2 had gone to. Turns out many were put in to storage in order to make more shelf space. hahaha.
7. The energy sword
Woah. Watch out for players weilding this powerhouse. 1 proper hit = instant death. Enough said.
Yeah man this stuff rocks. Ur armour. Quicker shield recharge. Cool looking. Helps u kick alien butt lyk a professional.
5. Massive environments
Yeah. Most of the time, u'll be outdoors, tearing through the whole place in a vehicle. Walking on foot isnt really an option.
4. Introduction of the Scarab
Whoooo its a bigass mechanical spider basically. Blasts crap up with a particle beam. U'll have to escort 1 in the last lvl. Not tt it'll get destroyed or anything. tt cant really happen. Only dead scarab i've ever seen is in Turf.
3. SMG
LOL. Hahahaha. This one rocks. Yay. It lead to the creation of the Fman. Nice little bullet hose, damn inaccurate but still fun to shoot stuff wif it.
2. Hijacking
Tank gets into ur base, kills both rocket men. Everyone starts to panic n gets mowed down by the tanks turret. Then comes the smart guy, who leaps onto the back of the tank. Punching a hole through it, he lobs a grenade in and jumps off. BOOM. Tankman dies. Tank trashed too. Woah man.
1. Friends
U noe tt stuff bout soccer unites the world? Well guess wat? tts pure bull. GAMING unites the world ,dammit. N halo in particular. Before Halo 2, say yin, sebastian, Y.M n me were lyk just friends. Now wat? Yay man. U can b playing Halo with someone halfway across the world, he's crapping words u dont dig, n yet, u feel the connection with him. Man this is the way. Y b stupid n wage wars? Real men settle their problems in a good ol' halo 2 deathmatch. N bloodshed, n the probs settled after tt.
Last but nt least, the EGM stuff.
Ok as the title suggests, it stuff from EGM. Everything down there will be from EGM, n im nt lyk gonna put the whole magazine there, u gotta buy it urself. The stuff will be anything from funny stuff in the mag to reviews of all things, so yea tts wat'll will happen at the end of one post every month.
The 2006 1UP network Awards
>Best Narrative: Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
Runner Up: Bully (PS2)
>Best Level Design: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii/GC)
Runner Up: Tomb Raider: Legend (multi)
>Best Artistic Direction: Okami (PS2)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
>Biggest Cultural Movement: DIY game shows and Video Blogs
Runnr Up: Pro Gaming
> Best Battle System: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
Runner Up: Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
>Biggest Wow Moment: Fighting the Beserker from Gears of War
Runner Up: Driving through the Dead Rising garage
>Most Sadly Ignored: Okami (PS2)
Runner Up: Viva Pinata (XB360)
>Designer of the Year: Twiight Princess Director Eiji Aonuma
Runner Up: Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski
>Best Multiplayer Expierence: Wii Sports (Wii. Yea duh.)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
>Quirkiest Game: Elite Beat Agents (DS)
Runner Up: Odama (GC)
> Biggest Innovation: The Wii Remote
Runner Up: Brain traning DS games
>Best Character Developement: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (XB360)
Runner Up: Bully (PS2)
> Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii/GC)
Runner Up: Gears of War (XB360)
Best Weapon: Dead Rising's Willamette Mall
Best Sound Design: Electroplankton
Best Downloadable Content: Grand Turismo HD
Best New Series: Gears of War
Best Sequel: Kingdom Hearts 2
Best Co-op Play: Guitar Hero II
So tts EGM's Best stuff awards for 2006. Of course they went into detail, i wont, u'll have to buy it to read it. Ok. tts bout all i have to say. Before i'm publishing this, i wanna tell u tt i did nt even intend to write this post, cuz no one bothers reading em anyway, but wat the heck. I'll just do it anyway. To me, having a blog is no longer bout getting ppl to read it, but its for my love of writing n expressing myself. So, no one lyks reading long posts but they're still gonna b present. This blog may not have many ppl visiting it, but, it will nvr be a nothing blog. Lyk i said b4 for, I'm nt changing for anyone. Have a nice day.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Yay finally we're back in school. Damn nice. More hanging out, n of course more amp. This yr, im hoping to get at least 50 more ppl to read this blog. Laugh all u want i dont care. All the times before 12 is am la so dont ask stupid questions.

Day 1
Woah. Today was nt quite wat i expected. Fman woke me up at 5.40am. wth i was still damn sleepy la. During the holidays is was waking up at bout 10am everyday. But i was also damn excited la. I bathe then change la. Long pants ok. Nt the stupid looking, dont respect me at all looking short pants. Cool ppl wear pants below their knee lvl ok, unless u're a gal la, where it's more or less the other way round. So at 6.30, i left my hse. Fman send me to school. Damn gd. When i got there, i looked for my class. Yay there it was. 5th floor, 1 up from last yr. Also same lvl as the DM's office. DK rocks la dont anyhow say him. Then i looked for say yin. He nt there man. Supposed to leave earlier. Aiyo. So no choice, must go in myself. After a while, ppl from last yrs class came in. Zhou Quan, Yong Xiang, Christopher n Jun Jie. At least nt so alone already la. Then say yin come. Damn power. Then sit beside me then we immediately BD already la. Damn cool. If u think ur superior to the BDs, ur stupid cuz they cant so damn bloody rip ur scrawny body in half before u can even call ur momma. tt said. u can clearly see tt we're nt rcst, more lyk BD patriots. ok. After tt we go look for sebastian. Nt there man. Phelan too. Hmmm... the Y.M come. After tt morning assemble. Damn cool la. At first Mr quayle came to our class there. I thought he's gonna be our form teacher la. In the end teng. Damn ironic cuz i was telling say yin tt later teng become our form teacher b4 tt. Scarey man. Then Bro Anthony gave a speech. Damn boring. Until sec 1s can lyk gonna faint lyk tt. U wanna noe how boring? on a scale of 1 to 10? I think maybe 50. After tt we went back to class. Teng go give his same old speech la the 1 bout his dead parents n being an engineer b4 teaching n NCC stuff. He gave us our time table n his phone number la. He's lyk so damn bloody handsome la so i'll b more than happy to give any gal....or boy who asks nicely enough. Then he ask us intro ourselves la. Wth is right. After tt we went to the shaw hall, where there was the opening ceremony. Damn lame la the teachers all go sit on the stage lyk stupid lyk tt. Then bro anthony had to give a second speech. He just had to. Half the hall was sleeping but did the baldie even care? No. He just went on and on wifout giving a damn. Model principal sia. After tt we were dismissed. Say Yin n Y.M went to camp. Phelan came in the end, wearing short pants. Cool huh. Sebas in the end nt MIA more lyk MC. I had NCC so i decided tt i just should go la. Then march march march n scream scream scream. After tt i went say yin hse, n camped for a while. Y.M super pang se la. Then i went to the hse n used to com for a while la. Nt seeing tt la say wee was there. Nt good to influence. After tt fman came n i went home la. tts bout my first day.

Day 2
Todays really considered the start of school. As in there's actually lessons. First 2 periods were Chinese. The teacher sucks la. I dont even understand normal chineses properly then she got a damn strong accent n she talks damn fast. As in way way over the speed limit. I understood nothing. cool. Chinese is must go tuition 1 la. But at least she slack 1 la nt lyk my pri school chinese teachers. Sec school rocks. So at the end of 80mins i hadn't learned crap. After tt PE. Damn gd man. The PE singlet this yr is so sexy la. The holes so big lyk those basketball jerseys. We only took our height n weight la. Im 70+kg but nt over weight cuz im lyk 184cm this yr. The things nt accurate la. I measure at the DnT room there is 186cm. Hmmmm. Damn tall right. Dont worry la, i wont tell ppl bout ur secret bald spot. Im damn good 1. Then after recess it was joanna's periods. Yay. She go flirt wif say yin again. Funny man. Actually she go ask him questions. Then Geog time. Our teacher is Mr LowTung Mun aka the Pandarean. Damn funny la. Gd 1. Then school dismissed. Supposed to go NCC. Supposed. I went to camp. Say Yin n Y.M too. Gd 1. Camping helps ppl to relax la. Then after tt i took taxi to tiong bahru plaza n bought the zoids VCD boxset. After tt went home n tts the second day la.

Day 3
Woah man. Third day already? Started wif 2 MT periods again. Understood a bit more now la. Then 2 maths periods. Also understood a lot la. Lucky i sitting beside say yin he's lyk the few ppl who understand. After a while i also can. Mr Teng's actually quite a good teacher la. But hard to concentrate man cuz Ms Png just sitting behind us. Nice la. I keep on using the class TV to see if she's still behind before talking stuff. After recess was Physics. Mr Kan actually remembered my name man. Then he ask me a question. What is Science? Say yin told me tt its a subject so i said tt la. lol. After tt was jeremy wong. Also remember me. Aiyo. Say i talk a lot. Then finally is Aida. She didnt seem lyk much la but her teachings great, she pwns PMS la. After tt school ended. Supposed to go NCC but i couldnt cuz i had a trial lesson for a tuition at kovan. Supposed to b 3-4.30 la ended up 3-6. Aiyo. My seniors gonna kill me. I dont care also la. Feel lyk quitting NCC anyway. Then join something im interested in lyk MITS, or maybe tt media club stuff. See how lor.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yay its the second day of the new yr. I was trying to post yesterday but cant cuz i keep going out. Anyways, I just tell u all wat happened on Sunday. 7pm lyk tt, i went to my grandmother's hse, then since fman said we will b damn bored, he go bring the whole xbox there. Then when we got there, me, my bro n shashi immediately play halo 2. We played 8 matches. tt also happens to b the number of times i handed them their asses. Then later on i nt fun anymore, go watch the count down. Jade Seah is hot man. Nth anyone says can change tt. N also Junyang is ugly, JJ's hair was nice n someone should tell Gurmit tt no one cares who plays DotA. Then new yr time. So nows Monday morning. My aunty gave me a cup n told me it was those kinda fizzy apple juice stuff. Then i gulp down the whole cup. wth. turned out to be the real deal. Freakin bitter!!! Yay. Then came home bout 3 in the morning, so now u noe y cant post. Then same day but later in the morning, bout 10 i woke up n immediately go fix my zoid. Then i fix slowly but make it as pro as possible. So ended up finishing at 3. Aiyo. My whole family pang se me already, so i ownself go to my other grandma's hse. So when i got there, i go play GoW co op wif velan. We fight General RAMM. wth. Damn hard cuz i have to keep watching for him n he really dunno the meaning of SHOOT. Then lose for lyk 8 times, so no choice, must call surya in. We 1st time win.lol. Velan face damn pissed. Then after tt we went back home. I watching TV, after tt we go temple to pray. After tt we went tiong bahru plaza but then vry fast come back cuz must watch the chinese show. After tt, at 10, i go watch little Nicky. Yay. Nice but i think tt they're trying too hard to make it funny, like the scarey movies, so some parts cant really laugh. Then the show finish bout 12 already. I was reading a book then suddenly say yin call. then talk dunno wat till 3.30 lyk tt in the morning. Aiyo. Then finally put down tt time i almost immediately fell asleep cuz when i woke up, the phone was beside my head. So tts bout all the stuff tt happened over the past few days. Now look at this. A quiz from say yin's blog.

1) Are you wearing a necklace?
Ans: No.
2) Do you like someone right now?
Ans: Ya i guess so.
3) Who is/are the main person(s) you talk to at school?
Ans: Say yin n Sebastian la. Next to tt is Hao Qi, Zheng Jie, Philemon n Phelan.
4) Is your room clean?
Ans: Now so damn clean u wont even believe it man. Cuz fman helped me clean.
5) Wat color is your shirt?
Ans: Gd colour. Black.
6) How many bedrooms do you have in your house?
Ans: 3
7) What song are you listening to?
Ans: P!ATD's I write sins not tragedies.
8) What was the last mall you went to?
Ans: If tiong bahru plaza is considered 1 then thats it. If nt is suntec city.
9) Are you alone?
Ans: If u want a literal answer then yea.
10) Do you have any older siblings?
Ans: Nope.
11) What is the last thing you ate?
Ans: then mixed rice.
12) Who was the last person to come over to your house?
Ans: My grandpa.
13) Who was the last person to call you?
Ans: Say Yin. He's the one who talks wierd stuff. Act wugu ,1000% nt.
14) Who was the last person who texted you?
Ans: Say Yin bout new yr stuff.
15) What should you be doing?
Ans: I should b bathing.
16) Who is the last person you sent a message to?
Ans: Say yin, asking him to call me.
17) Did you go out to eat yestrday?
Ans: Ya to tiong bahru plaza
18) What are you thinking right now?
Ans: When will my 360 b replaced?
19) What color are your pants?
Ans: Dark Blue. Can call it navy blue i guess
20) What color is your keyboard?
Ans: Black n Silver
21) What do you feel like eating/drinking?
Ans: Aiyo this kinda questions always dont sound right... i dont want anything cuz i've just had my breakfast.
22) Are you in college?
Ans: No.
23) What is the last text you sent?
Ans: Can u call me for a while?
24) Are you bored?
Ans: Yea just waiting for school to start man.
25) Do you wear glasses?
Ans: No n i nvr will. If nt can't b a marksman anymore.
26) What color are your shoes?which pair?
Ans: Dark Blue n white
27) Who do you love?
Ans: My 360.
28) What are you doing right now?
Ans: Drinking milo n doing this quiz
29) Do you know how to spell bananas?
Ans: wth. its in the question man.
30) What were the last words you said?
Ans: I said ok.
31) Do you have clothes on?
Ans: Ya la. But theres a naked gal sitting on my bed. Actually i think tts just part of my imagination. Who noes...
32) Do you have boxers on?
Ans: Ya i do. Yay so fun.
33) Do you have a cut on your pointer finger?
Ans: No n i dont plan on getting 1.
34) Where is your cell phone?
Ans: On the cupboard wif the zoids.
35) Do you have any friends named Skyler?
Ans: No...but i have a friend named Alex aka fman
36) Do you have any friends named Axel?
Ans: then only axle i noe is tt nut in KH2
37) Are you afraid of the dark?
Ans: Nt at all man. I prefer the dark.
38) Did you used to watch POKEMON?
Ans: Ya. N i still do whenever there's time.
39) Does your computer have a mouse?
Ans: Ya la. But the scroll thing spoil already.
40) whats your ring tone?
Ans: Crashed the wedding by Busted.
41) First thing you did in the morning?
Ans: Went back to sleep again.
42) Do you have anything bothering you?
Ans: Ya NCC la. But this yr i must go already la
43) What's annoying you right now?
Ans: The crazy dogs outside my hse. Keep barking from last night till now.
44) What's the last movie you watched?
Then halo movie first draft.
45) Do you believe in long distance relationships?
Ans: The damn thing wont last i tell u.
46) Is there a person who is on your mind right now?
Ans: Ya. My superheated, amazingly woman shaped 360
47) Do you think that that person is thinking of you too?
Ans: Ya man all the time. Actually its just fman la. Thinking of how to train me next.
48) how long have you been on the computer?
Ans: 1hr++
49) how many people do you have on your msn contact list?
Ans: i think bout 30.
50) choose a few people to do this quiz.
Ans: Ya what say yin said.
So now i do the quiz already, but this is so not over. look at this:

My Top 10 things for 2006
10. The sacred talk.
I think u all noe wat i mean right? Cant write here la. But the ultima talk only began last yr. Damn cool. N now tt the talk might have the potential of becoming a game, we should talk bout it all the more.
9. Anime n Manga!!!
This also only began last yr. I satrted watching Gundam Seed D, n reading all sorts of manga. Then of course got my hime la. Yay. So nice. Now i must continue watching Zach Bell, it completly pwns anything else la.
8. 7-11
Hey dont look down on this 1. Our food supply after school la. Can sometimes blow $10 just buying stuff but i dont care i still lyk the place.
7. Getting an Electric Guitar
This one was my birthday gift from my parents. I still remember tt day i came home wif it then dunno how to play a shit cuz it so diff from a classical. Now i've improved quite a lot, ppl can recognise wat im playing. But now sadly, its brokin... must repair la.
6. Learning how to ride a bike
I'm sure u all noe how it feels lyk during the first time right? B4 tt, i was thinking i would nvr ever b able to ride a bike. Nows a different story. 10mins of learning n a lifetime's worth of cycling.
5. East Coast Stayover
Damn fun man. Although i was left wif phil n phelan, still fun. Of course if say yin n sebas were allowed to would be more fun la. We saw so many nice things la, the beardog, sandy, the pink lady n the bathing BD. Should do it more i really enjoyed myself n till today, its the only time which i was really in the holiday mood.
4. The reveal of Halo 3
Finally some concrete evidence bout halo 3. Then first trailer looked stupid, n bungie was nt gonna give out any details, but after a few months, EGM finally let me see H3. 17 pages will only keep me quite for 17 days!!! I need more. See halo is a drug. A good 1 la. Then they released the deadly night trailer, the one tt shows john n kelly when they were kids. tt was at least something.
3. Getting a x360
I would have shurnken up n withered to death from boredom if nt for this. My wife la. Im looking for a name for it i would rather choose it over many other things (just ask say yin). Who can resist its hot womanly shape? its 3 internal CPUs? The graphics? the sound? The whitness? The super hand fitting controller? Also nt to mention tt it overheats lyk crap.
2. Amazing progess on Amp
Wow who'd have thought of this? The Amp has progresses from imagination to real. Within a yr, we have come up wif 6 heroes/villians, a entire story line n countless cutscenes/senarios. tts Marvels rate mind u. they make bout 5-6 new characters per yr when they were in they their earlier days. Now of course they've piped downed la, but they r still going strong. Gd business partners. Now wat we need to do is get all ideas organised n compiled, n all characters drawn. Then wif a little luck, we may b able to get a copyright damn soon already.
1. Gears of War!!!!!
Yea man. Cant argue wif this one. As it keeps on crushing the competition, more ppl start playing it. As a matter of fact, XBL has increased by 80% due to this. In terms of sales,its second only to halo 2, n its dominating the XBL scene. What they should do is make a bigger multiplayer n campaign. Then Epic will be able to take down the feared beast called halo2.
Ya tts my top 10 for last yr. Now this:
Top 10 Things Happening in 2007
10. I'm becoming a NCC senior
Finally man. After april this yr, i think we will be incharge of the unit. Aiyo. tt means must go most trainings. Better tt way la. I must also try to be a good senior. Nt those kinda for ever angry ones i'll just be gd. Yea tts it.
9. New classmates
Anyone here nt excited to meet new classmates? New classmates r good.
8. The 7th Harry Potter Book
Who doesnt like harry? Rumours have it tt main characters will die, but no mention of who. We'll just have to read to find out i guess.
7. 12 more issues of EGM
Yay. EGM is truely THE no.1 gaming magazine. It more ahead of the rest, does more than the rest, has exclusive interviews, n their jokes r actually funny compared to the rest. Not to mention cheaper. So go buy it.
6. My birthday
U tell me: What kinda sad sick person doesnt look forward to his own birthday?. This yr maybe can treat 2 ppl (yea say yin n sebas) to an all u can eat buffet at shangrila hotel. See how la.
5. More gals to meet
Yea man this one completely pwns. More exposure to the outside world = more gals to meet. tts maths.
4. Getting Broadband
Yay this will be cool. Then my computer will become ultima n i will me able to stream n download stuff so much faster. lyk u noe wat kinda stuff.
3. More Amp talk
More school basically means we can discuss more. For all we noe we might even be able to finish the whole storyline by this yr. All NORMAL ppl. support the amp n u'll be able to set foot on Amp island.
2. Spiderman 3
No. 3 is out, n alot more promise to come. Heres the story. Peter meets eddie, his childhood friend n he gets introduced to the venom suit. My guess is tt he accidentally gets it on his spidey costume n manages to get it off. The suit comes back to him cuz it needs him to survive. Meanwhile, Uncle Ben's murder hides from the police in a nuclear facility n an accident mutates his cells n merges them wif the closest element available, namely sand from the near by beach. Thus he becomes sandman. He's supposed to become spidey's allie but i think he dies cuz of the venom suit. Then harry osborne, son of the Green Goblin is damn pissed wif peter n returns as the night surfer but ends up being owned n nearly killed. All this is what i think la must see the we will noe.
1. Halo 3!!!
While Gears is clearly controlling the TPS genre, te FPS king is still halo. This is supposed to be the last installation but there r rumours tt another halo may come out. Even if its the last, Bungie is planing to end it all wif a big bang. New weapons, vehicles, multiplayer modes n campaign. Aiyo i cant really wait man.
Ok thats damn nice i think this is my longest post so far. Tomorrow school start already so just enjoy today, the next time u can really slack is during the march holidays. But stll, it rocks to go to school la. So everyone whose from MSHS, see u tomorrow!!!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yay school's gonna start soon. Damn gd. Today i nvr really do much. Morning i didnt go out at all. Just sit at home n study. Yes. Study. Nt lyk flipping through books, i was actually reading them. Quite interesting la. Then after tt i go play GoW for a while n finally managed to finish it. Sure got no.2 1 la cuz the locust queen keep crapping tt they're nt dead yet. Hmmm.Gd. Then the credits really damn hardcore la. At first is tt mysterious Gears theme music then suddenly Cole go rap. hahaha. Damn funny. He keep saying, ' Whoooo Bring it on sucka, this my kinda shit' over n over again. Then i go out wif Fman to look for present for say yin. Buy already la. Gd 1. Then i just lyk go eat wif fman then he keep talking stuff. Aiyo. Then say yin call me n tell me interesting stuff. N after tt i go my uncle hse. He go say tt got 1 maths tuition center damn good so ask me 2 go. Then he say the class got lyk 60-70 ppl 1. Complete wth state. At first i felt lyk i hit the jackpot. The place would be flowing wif gals, all i have to do is hook 1. Then say yin go remind me of YP so cant already. Wth this post is so damn short its stupid. Hope tomorrow got more stuff. Sad.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

bvlggThis quiz is from sebastian's blog he ask me to use so no choice:

1. Start Time: 10.05pm
2. Name: Shiva
3. Nickname: Sheeve i guess
4. If u were a skittle what color would you be?: Green.
5. Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
6. Horoscope: Aries
7. Hair color: Black
8. Eye color: Black
9. Height: 185cm i think
10. Favorite Color: Dark Green n Black
11. Glasses?: No
12. Braces?: No
13. Piercing/tattoo: No
14. Pet: No
******HAVE YOU EVER******
17. Cut your own hair?: Ya when i young i nothing to do go cut. I was a disturbed kid. tsk tsk.
18. Did you do something in the past month that you regret?: staying at home too much
20. Hugged someone who isn't your g/f or b/f?: family ppl, my pri skool teachers n principal. Bloody sagger
21. Skipped school?: Nt yet.
22. Bungee jumped?: In bangkok, yes
23. Jump off a building?: tts lyk part of the bungee jump man so yes.
24. Dumped someone?: More lyk i walked away.
25. Been arrested?: No
26. TP'd someone's house?: Wth's TP?
27. Won something?: Ya
30. Been rejected?: NO. =)
31. Been to a funeral?: Ya
32. Used a lighter?: Ya.
33. Been on stage?: Ya. In pri skool got a lotta times.
34. Season: Summer. So warm tt clothes come off. =)
35. Food: Hmmm... actually i eat everything
37. School subject(s): Sex Ed. After tt is IT.
36. Ice cream flavour: I guess mint
38. Person: The Master Chief. Period. Who cares if he's nt real? U arent either.
41. Book(s): The halo ones!!
42. Movie(s): Spiderman movies next time halo.
43. Song(s): P for punk
44. Park: East Coast
45. State: L.A!!!! wth i nvr even been there
46. Place: My room.
47. Sport to watch: Pro gaming!!!
49. Bands/musicians: SP, Busted n Yellowcard
50. Letter(s): Hmmm...F lor.
51. Restaurant: 'The Line' at Shangri la Hotel.
52. Cartoon Character(s): Zach!!!!
53. TV Station(s): Musik TV
54. Name for a son: Hmmm...i let my wife chose how bout tt
55. Name for a daughter: Wat i said up there.
******DO YOU PREFER******
56. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
58. Long relationships or short?: Long la wth
59. Dogs or cats?: Dogs
60. Scary movies or comedies?: Comedies unless its the scarey movie movies. Then can
61. Short hair or long?: 50-50 can?
62. Croutons or bacon bits?: Bacon Bits
63. Kissing or hugging?: Ermm...see wat comes naturally la
64. Mexicans: The waste of space hats
65. School: Amp
66. Grass: Step on it
67. Cow: Udder
68. Canada: Simple Plan!!! Yay
69. Mouse: Big Ears
70. Hands: Touching u noe wats
******THE PAST 48 HOURS, HAVE YOU******
71. Watched a Movie: Ya the Halo movie phrase 1.
72. Talked on the phone: Ya many times.
73. Cried: No
74. Threw up: No
75. Drank a glass of water: Ya
76. Done Drugs: No. Nt wise when fman's in da hse
77. Read a book or magazine: Ya
78. Watched TV: Ya
79. Looked in the mirror: Ya
80. Taken a shower: Ya
81. Taken a picture: Ya
82. Listened to music: Ya
83. Kissed someone: Ermmm sadly nope.
84. Told someone you liked them: Ya. My parents.

Hey everyone merry christmas. dont ask me y im wishing u on christmas eve. Gd enough tt i wished u. I dont wish ppl much. So be happy. Today nvr do much. Fman woke me up at 8am. I sleeping then suddenly a bomb went off outside my room. No la actually he keep on saying shiva boy shiva boy until i wake up. Damn irritating. Feel lyk punching him. Nt advised. So nvr. Then bathe. Then lyk wat for everyone else to get ready. Supposed to go suntec to eat roti prata wif my 3 little cousins. VnS n a gal 1. She damn gamer gal in the making man. hahaha. Then velan called my hse phone n fman answered. Then he go tease velan say we nt going then in the end ask him to go first. Then we finally left n when the car passed by my grandma's hse, wat did i see? VnS n my aunty just walking to the car. I was in a complete wth state. We rushed for them then now this. Screw. then finally reached suntec then the place surprisingly empty. My other uncle n aunty n cousin(the gal 1) already there. Then they go give me present. I knew it was a shirt la quite obvious. After tt we go buy the prata then fman go take lyk 12 bowls of curry then i was thinking wth. Just becuz it a free flow thing doesnt mean u have to burn up ur stomach. Then we eat finaish already fman n my mother go look for presents for us. So we all lyk idiots lyk tt walk here walk there then in the end Sakti got 1 of those plug n play tv games n velan had the Dragons metal ages thing. The gal got a doll hse n my sis got those cooking play set thing. Then me n my bro nvr buy anything first but later on we went to tiong bahru plaza n got thp8 from comics connection. Then the guy go ask us if finished GoW yet(which is exactly 1 month old as of today) then i say still got 1 more lvl. He surely think i'm a noob la. Normally can finish within 1 week then surya dont let me play by myself he wanna play co op but too scared to play. Damn screwed. Then he say the next game to play is lost planet. I already know wat. Then i ask him when can buy he say can buy NOW. Wth. Supposed to be after 6th jan than come out but dunno y so magical. Turned out tt its a direct import from japan. tt means all japanese except gameplay dialog. wth. Somemore $110 but he give us $30 discount but i rather wait till the english 1 hits town. Then he said tt Viva Pinata also fun to play. So i go try at the shop. Actually quite fun la. Face it. Ur nt tt cool until ur hands will burn when u play it. Then came home then fman n my mother went for dunno who's funeral. My bro, sis n me nvr go. I go play thp8. Ok la nt say tt good, nothing compared to GoW but still ok. Then bullet time stuff quite nice. Then i dunno do wat then unlock travis barker from blink 182 n billie joe armstrong from green day. Damn funny. Then as usual my head started to get pain so i stopped playing. Then i go watch MTV awards 2006. Now i lyk nothing to do just waiting for someone to come online lor. Then some more upstairs my hse all those screwed up workers i dunno drunk or wat keep on cheering something so freaking noisy. This christmas i damn sad. No gal to share my joy wif. =.( Then again, i've nvr spent any christmas wif any gal throughout my entire life. Damn cool. Damn it im just gonna tie a fishing rod to my back n use it to hang a mistletoe above my head n then go out. Hey if it worked for harry potter it'll work for anyone. Later kena by fatimah. wtf senario. N i no $$$ to buy any christmas present for anyone cuz i bought a big 1 for myself so dont get any funny ideas. Everyone have fun tomorrow. Only fman still have to work n i have not idea y. Hmmm. Later he having mistress at his office. tt'll b damn cool. Anyway once again merry christmas to everyone i noe. =)

posted @ 12/24/2006 09:32:00 PM


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